What format should I write my scholarship essay?

Unless specified otherwise, scholarship essays should always use the following formatting:Double spaced.Times New Roman font.12 point font.One-inch top, bottom, and side margins.

Can I use QuestBridge essay for common app?

Yes, you are free to reuse the essays from your National College Match application for the Common App.

What percentage of QuestBridge finalists are matched?

Acceptance rates For the Class of 2015, 4,895 (37%) of the applicants were named QuestBridge finalists, and 657 (13%) received a College Match Scholarship. In addition, 2,257 finalists (46.1%) were offered acceptance and financial aid to a partner college, either through the National Match or through Regular Decision.

What kind of essays are colleges looking for?

Here are 5 essential traits of a compelling college essay. Your essay doesn’t need to have all 5, but college admissions officers look for at least one of these traits or possibly two….How to Write a College EssayDrive. Think self-motivation. Intellectual curiosity. Initiative. Contribution. Diversity of experiences.

Can I use they in an essay?

In many essays and papers, it is considered incorrect to assume one gender or another for a subject. The word “they” could refer to either gender, thus avoiding any sexist stereotyping. However, “they” is also grammatically incorrect.

How do you stop offending someone?

How to Avoid Offending OthersDON’T talk to anyone in a patronizing fashion. In other words, never “talk down” to another human being. DON’T make assumptions about people, especially those who are culturally different. DON’T assume a culturally different person is an expert about his or her cultural group.

Is it bad to speak your mind?

Don’t ever be afraid to speak your mind. In both your professional and personal life, it will serve you well. Whether it’s resolving an issue at work or growing closer to someone, we should learn to share our thoughts more frequently. Speaking your mind is important, but not if you lack a filter!

How can I be honest but not rude?

Here are 4 ways to be honest without being brutal:Pause and consider your words carefully. Acknowledge the other person’s feelings. Be honest if it’s something they need to hear. Offer a solution. Don’t use clichés as filler or support to “soften” your honesty.

How can I be honest in a nice way?

9 Tips on How to Be Honest With Someone Without Being NegativeLook at the situation from their perspective before you do anything.Ask yourself if this is something that really needs to be said. Choose your words carefully – say it to yourself before you say it out-loud. Don’t insult, blame, exaggerate, or be judgmental. Do it in private. Always offer a solution.

How can I be direct but polite?

How to be assertive without being aggressiveBe clear. Try to ask for what you want openly and in a straightforward manner, and state your feelings clearly without directly or indirectly demeaning the other person. Make eye contact. Keep your posture positive. Do your homework. Take time out. Avoid accusing. Keep your cool.