What genre is The Soft Bulletin?

Alternative/IndieThe Soft Bulletin / Genre

Why The Soft Bulletin is so good?

The Soft Bulletin provides an exquisite soundtrack to have blasting in the car at night. Combines Beach Boys harmonies, Pink Floyd-influenced orchestral rock and the lonely-heart vocal style of such ’70s icons as Big Star and Neil Young. The group’s most gorgeously crafted album ever.

Is The Soft Bulletin a concept album?

Some people have read The Soft Bulletin as a concept album, extrapolating a narrative from the songs. Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but there are certainly the recurring themes of love and death, which are often connected to scientific exploration…

When were the Flaming Lips popular?

The Flaming Lips’ 1999 album The Soft Bulletin was their most critically acclaimed album at the time and propelled them to a wider audience. In the early 2000’s the Flaming Lips released Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots , the most successful album the band had released after two decades.

What is the soft bulletin about?

The Flaming Lips’ The Soft Bulletin, released in May or June 1999, depending on which side of the Atlantic you were on, is an album about many things — the passage of time, the meaning of love, the importance of human connection and, ultimately, how the looming presence of death intensifies experience.

What genre is the Flaming Lips?

Alternative/IndieThe Flaming Lips / Genre

What is the Flaming Lips most famous song?

Perhaps their most famous song, “Do You Realize??” appeared on their acclaimed 2003 release Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots .

Who is Henry Rollins dad?

Paul J. GarfieldHenry Rollins / Father

What is the Soft Bulletin?

The Soft Bulletin, by contrast, was a universally praised classic that’s been feted with a symphonic live-album remount and a Pitchfork-produced documentary.

Is the Soft Bulletin companion worth a read?

If nothing else, The Soft Bulletin Companion is a golden opportunity to revisit Drozd’s past life as the John Bonham of modern psych rock before he went on to assume a more multi-tasking musical-director role within the group.

Is’the Soft Bulletin’The Flaming Lips’most daring work yet?

If you’re the Flaming Lips, you keep rushing headlong into the unknown — The Soft Bulletin, their follow-up to the four-disc gambit Zaireeka, is in many ways their most daring work yet, a plaintively emotional, lushly symphonic pop masterpiece eons removed from the mind-warping noise of their past efforts.

What’s the difference between Zaireeka and the Soft Bulletin?

Though more conventional in concept and scope than Zaireeka, The Soft Bulletin clearly reflects its predecessor’s expansive sonic palette.