What goes into Chinese hot pot?


  • Shellfish, like shrimp, scallops, lobster, crabs, oysters, clams, mussels, abalone, and geoduck.
  • Fish, including halibut, salmon, monkfish, bass, and most other types of fresh fish, are great in a hot pot.
  • Squid and cuttlefish, both fresh and dried, make a great addition to a hot pot.

How do you make Chinese hot pot broth?

For the mild broth

  1. Put chicken into a stock pot. Fill with water enough to cover the chicken.
  2. Add ginger slices and leave to simmer over the lowest heat for 1½ – 2 hours.
  3. Remove the chicken (see note 4 for ideas of using it).
  4. Add scallions, shiitake mushroom, Chinese dates and Goji berries if using.

How do you make Hai Di Lao Hot Pot seasoning?

Mushroom Flavour Hot Pot Seasoning 150g by Haidilao Pour the product into 1000ml of water the pot, add some spring onions, ginger slices, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms. Once water boils, add ingredients, and enjoy it. Serve with Hai Di Lao Hot Pot Dip for better taste.

What is usually in hot pot?

Typical hot pot ingredients include thinly sliced meat, leaf vegetables, mushrooms, vermicelli, sliced potatoes, bean products, egg dumplings, tofu, and seafood.

How do you prepare hot pot?


  1. Place boiling soup base or stock in a wide, shallow pot the center of the table on a portable electric burner.
  2. Place individual plates of raw ingredients on the table, along with dipping sauce ingredients.
  3. Have each diner mix their own dipping sauce while the pot of soup comes to a boil.

What is in shabu shabu broth?

Kombu dashi There are many different types of dashi (broth) but for shabu shabu we use dashi made from kombu (kelp). It is vegetarian and really easy to make. You can just drop a piece of kombu in a pot of water and let the flavor comes through.

Can you use bone broth for hot pot?

A light bone broth is the perfect, balanced base for hot pot’s array of flavors and ingredients.

How do you make a hot pot creamy?

To prepare Creamy Hotpot: In your serving pot, add corn, tomatoes, shiitake mushroom, red dates, spring onion and salt. Fill it up with stock and Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream. Bring up to simmer, check seasoning and it’s ready to dip your condiments! Enjoy!

Does Haidilao sell soup base?

Product Description. 1 PKG HAIDILAO SOUP BASE FOR HOT POT, VEGETABLES OR MEAT AS PERSONAL PREFERENCE. Add 1 package of HAIDILAO Soup Base for hot pot into 1.5L (about 6 cups) boiling water. Add vegetables or meats to taste.

Is hot pot and Shabu Shabu the same?

The main difference between shabu shabu and other types of Japanese hot pot is that rather than simmering all of the ingredients together before serving, shabu shabu is cooked bite-by-bite over the course of the meal, similar to fondue.

What are the types of hot pot in Chinese?

The Types of Hot Pot English Chinese Pronunciation Characters Split Pot (spicy and plain sides) yuānyāng guō dǐ Ywen-yang gwor dee 鸳鸯锅底 Spicy Pot quán là guō dǐ Chwen laa gwor dee 全辣锅底

What are the most popular ingredients used in Hotpots?

Mutton is one of the most popular hotpot ingredients. There are various ingredients used in hotpots. The meat can be beef, mutton, lamb, chicken, duck, fish, prawn, etc., but not pork if you are in an Islamic restaurant.

What is Sichuan hotpot made of?

Sichuan hotpot is famous for its numbing and spicy flavor, resulting from a special seasoning — Sichuan pepper (花椒 huā jiāo /hwaa- jyaoww/) — and other spicy ingredients like chili added to it, which marks its difference from other hotpots.

How can I make my hot pot more spicy?

The oil will turn red and become mildly spicy, and you can pour the spicy oil into the hot pot broth when you’re ready to start. If you are feeling fancy, you can even add additional spices (star anise, cinnamon, etc) into the oil while you are pan-frying it. If you want it even spicier, add a few fresh birdseye chili peppers to it.