What happened at the end of Whale Rider?

The film ends with Pai’s father, grandparents, and uncle coming together to celebrate her status as the new leader, as the finished waka is hauled into the sea for its maiden voyage.

What is the opening scene of Whale Rider?

The scene begins with an announcement by Pai’s teacher that the young girl won an award for the speech she is about to give. One layer of subtext is that her grandfather is absent, so part of Pai’s emotional state is influenced by her disappointment.

What is the overall message of Whale Rider?

Despite its focus on Maori culture, the themes in Whale Rider are universal and highlight important communication principles. We see the power of significant others to affect our self esteem, and the fact that, against strong odds, it is possible to assert ourselves and create an identity of our own.

What does Nanny decide to hide from Koro?

She hides the fact that Pai found the whale tooth. She says that he’s not ready for the truth yet. What does Pai’s speech at the school program reveal about her feelings toward Koro?

Does Koro want a grandson or granddaughter?

Koro is Pai’s grandfather. A chief of his people, he follows a traditional way of thinking. He wants a grandson to be chief after him.

What does the whale tooth symbolism in Whale Rider?

The whale tooth is a representation of the Maori people who shaped and built their religion and community, as well as being a representation of Paikea and many other traits that would be needed by a chief, many of which, Paikea has.

What do the whales symbolize in Whale Rider?

In the film Whale Rider, the whale represents life and death. The whale represents life because it is the mammal on which Paikea’s great ancestor rode across the ocean reaching New Zealand which eventually became the settlement of the Maori people.

What does Porourangi name the surviving daughter?

The surviving girl is named Paikea [called “Pai” for short]. Grief-stricken, her father Porourangi leaves her to be raised by her grandparents.

Why does Porourangi leave Koro?

Porourangi leaves his family and Pai to be raised by her grandparents, Koro and Flowers. Koro is the Chief and loves Pai but refuses to accept her as his successor, because she is a girl. When Porourangi returns home after 12 years, he is a famous international artist living in Germany.