What happened Snack Wells?

SnackWell’s branded products are now made by Back to Nature Foods in Naples, Florida. In Canada, SnackWell’s potato chips and crackers are available. In August 2017, it was reported that B&G Foods Inc. had agreed to buy SnackWells cookies and Back to Nature granola for $162.5 million.

Are SnackWells healthy?

Shockingly, SnackWell’s are still on the market, and they still have just as much sugar as a Chips Ahoy! cookie.

Did SnackWells go out of business?

You can still find SnackWell’s today, albeit in slightly different form: The brand was sold to Back to Nature Foods Company in 2013 and had its cookie recipes reformulated to better appeal to today’s theoretically more enlightened consumer (read: sugar has replaced the corn syrup).

What is SnackWells?

A Family Favorite for More Than 20 Years. Since 1992, SnackWell’s has worked tirelessly to bring delicious snacks we all can feel good about to your home. Our years of experience creating better-for-you treats have shaped who we are.

Are SnackWell cookies gluten free?

No, SnackWells Vanilla Creme Sandwich Cookies is not gluten-free.

Why did they change devil’s food cookies?

The company was improving the cookies, making them more attractive to the modern health-conscious consumer. “Today just being fat-free is not enough,” he said. “You have to have the right ingredients as well as being fat free.” “It really will taste good,” he promised.

Do they still make Olestra chips?

As of 2013, Lay’s Light chips were still available, listing olestra as an ingredient; however, they were discontinued by 2016. Pringles Light potato crisps, manufactured by Kellogg’s (though at one time a P&G product), used Olean-brand olestra before being discontinued in 2015.

Are Mallomars still made?

Just when we need them most, New York’s favorite cookie has made its triumphant return. Every September Nabisco rereleases Mallomars. The marshmallow and graham cracker cookies, coated with rich, dark chocolate have become a tradition in our area.

Who owns SnackWell’s?

Chief Executive Bob Cantwell said acquiring SnackWell’s low-fat products and Back to Nature’s bars from a joint venture between Oreo maker Mondelez International Inc.

Why did SnackWells change devil’s food cookies?

Do they make SnackWell cookies?

SnackWell’s ® Vanilla Creme Sandwich Cookies are simple and delicious, giving you the sensible indulgence you’re looking for with 40% less fat than the leading sandwich cookie. Share them with someone you love.