What happened to Charles Andrew Williams?

Charles Andrew “Andy” Williams (born February 8, 1986 in Frederick, Maryland) is a convicted American murderer. At age 15, he was the perpetrator of the 2001 shooting at Santana High School in which two students were killed and thirteen others wounded. Williams is currently serving 50 years to life in prison.

What happened at Santana High School?

Santana High School student John Schardt explains how he photographed a deadly shooting at his school March 05, 2001 in Santee, CA. A student opened… Investigators search for evidence in a parking lot at Santana High following a shooting rampage, killing two and wounding 13 others, March 5, 2001 in…

What division is Santana High School football?

Final California MaxPreps Top 25 – Mitch Stephens Monarchs capture third CIF Open Division championship since 2017 en route to No. 1 ranking in Golden State.

How many students are at Santana High School?

Student Enrollment The total enrollment at Santana High School is 1504 students, making it a large high school, in the top 25% of all California high schools by size.

Do school shootings happen in Canada?

Canada has experienced a total of 19 school shootings between 1884 and 2016. The deadliest of these events was the Ecole Polytechnique massacre in Montreal, which resulted in 15 deaths, including that of the shooter. Several Canadian school shootings have resulted in a single death or no deaths at all.

Why does school start so early in the morning?

Theoretically, the reason schools start so early is to accommodate working parents’ schedules, a consideration that became particularly important when women began entering the workforce in droves in the later decades of the 20th century.

Has Ireland ever had a school shooting?

TWO 11-year-old pupils and their teacher were wounded when what is believed to have been shots were fired into their schoolyard yesterday. The girl and boy and their teacher Fintan McCarthy all received minor flesh wounds in the legs which required first aid.

When were guns legal in England?

17 December 1997
In the UK, on 17 December 1997, the Firearms (Amendment) (No 2) Act 1997 came into force. It was a year of great political upheaval, as the Conservative Party departed power after 18 years and the New Labour of Tony Blair took the reins.