What happened to Konrad Curze?

Konrad Curze was eventually killed, assassinated by the Callidus M’Shen. He fully knew when he would be slain down to the annointed hour, and in the time before his death he conversed with a corpse-statue that he addressed as the Emperor.

How did Mortarion fall to chaos?

None suffered more than Mortarion, for it was like being on the mountain top again on Barbarus, surrendering to the toxins, but this time without the Emperor to save him. Eventually, Mortarion could suffer no more and gave himself over to Chaos to stop the pain.

When was Nostramo destroyed?

31st Millennium
The world was ultimately destroyed by Curze himself in the early 31st Millennium during an orbital bombardment by the Night Lords’ Legionary Fleet after its people betrayed his ideals of draconian order and reverted to their anarchic, criminal ways.

What happened to lorgar?

Lorgar’s enemies in the Covenant saw this as the opportunity they had been waiting for to remove the threat that Lorgar presented to the status quo, declaring him a heretic to the Old Ways. Those of the Covenant who came forward to arrest Lorgar were killed by his followers.

Why did Mortarion turn to nurgle?

Mortarion joined the rebellion as an idealist, he believed that Horus could deliver the Imperium from the tyrany of the Emperor. Everything changed when the Death Guard fleet became trapped in the warp and ended up prostituting themselves to Nurgle.

Why did nurgle choose Mortarion?

Mortarion claimed the Plague Planet as his new world and it is ideal for launching attacks on the real world. He shaped it so well that Nurgle promoted him to Daemon Prince. Mortarion got what he wanted, a world of his own. He ruled over a toxic death world of poison, horror and misery.

Where is barbarus?

Barbarus was a Feral World which orbited near its dim yellow sun. The atmosphere was thick with virulent gases and a constant fog was spread across the planet. This made it a very dark, dismal place of night with short, shadowy days. Only below the fog could humans survive, in the valleys and low plains.

Where is Nostramo?

Plot summary. Nostromo is set in the South American country of Costaguana, and more specifically in that country’s Occidental Province and its port city of Sulaco. Though Costaguana is a fictional nation, its geography as described in the book resembles real-life Colombia.

Why did the night lords turn?

Subject: Re:Why did the Night Lords turn traitor? EmpNortonII wrote: Curze divined that if things kept going, his vision (that the Emperor would kill him and the Primarchs would turn on each other and that his homeworld would be destroyed by the light of the Emperor).