What happened to Raviv Ullman?

Ullman appeared in multiple Off-Broadway productions between filming his TV and film roles. He is also an accomplished musician, who was formerly part of bands Reputante and Lolawolf. The star began hosting “The Study” podcast in 2020.

Was Phil of the Future on Broad City?

For starters, Ullman guest-starred on an episode of “Broad City” and smoked a bong. He’s also an accomplished stage actor and podcaster.

How Old Is Phil of the Future?

Phil Diffy
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: 15
Birthday: 2107

Who played Pam on Phil of the Future?

Amy Bruckner
Pim Diffy

Pamela-Nicole “Pim” Diffy
Pet(s) N/A
Production Information
First appearance “Future Tutor” (chronologically first) “Your Cheatin’ Heart (first aired)
Portrayed by Amy Bruckner (Her Age) Estelle Harris (Old Lady)

What year are the Diffys from?

Phillip Rupert “Phil” Diffy (born 2107) is a 15-year-old boy who got trapped in the year 2004. He went to a present-day school called H.G. Wells Junior and Senior High School and befriended a girl named Keely Teslow who later became his girlfriend.

Is Raviv Ullman straight?

“As a cisgender straight white male I just want to acknowledge what a privilege it is to have these photos celebrated, while at the same time people in the trans and queer communities have been and continue to be persecuted worldwide just for living as their authentic selves,” wrote Ullman on Instagram.

Who did Aly and AJ date?

The Jonas Brothers were making their way through many musically talented Disney Channel ladies, and in return the girls were making bops about the breakups. Apparently, Joe Jonas dated AJ Michalka, one part of the incredible sister duo Aly and AJ, and the sisters are spilling the tea more than a decade later.