What happened to the crashed Carrera GT?

The case was dismissed in a scheduled appearance Monday at the New York Criminal Court. “The People are moving to dismiss this matter because the case cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt,” a record from Monday’s court appearance read.

What was wrong with the Porsche Carrera GT?

However, what makes the Carrera GT earn the ‘widow-maker’ tag is the lack of safety equipment. While the car itself is brutish to drive and highly temperamental, the further lack of basic safety features such as traction control and ABS make it that much harder to drive.

What happened to the crashed Gemballa GT?

In April of last year, a now-infamous video of a $1 million Gemballa Mirage GT crashing into several cars in New York City went viral. As the modified Porsche continued to crash into other vehicles, police eventually caught up with the destroyed exotic.

Who is Benjamin Chen?

Benjamin Chen was arrested on April 7, 2020, following a wrecking spree in his Gemballa Mirage GT. He lost control of the car, punted a minivan, and appeared to drive away from the scene of the initial wreck.

How many Carrera GT are left in the world?

While its design indicates its stylistic links with standard production vehicles, it also takes some of its features from legendary Porsche racing cars. In this exclusive production run of only 1270 cars, the Carrera GT was powered by a ten-cylinder engine with dry-sump lubrication.

Who is Ben Chen Gold Rush?

Ben Chen, former co-owner of the controversial Gold Rush Rally (note – we’d previously referred to Chen as the founder, but Gold Rush has since informed us otherwise), went on a drug-fuelled rampage in Midtown Manhatten, smashing into four parked vehicles in the process.

How old is Ben Chen?

The driver, now identified as 33-year-old Benjamin Chen, who is a supercar collector and co-founder of the notorious Gold Rush Rally, was arrested after attempting to flee the scene and charged with drugged driving.

Who owns Porsche Gemballa Mirage GT?

owner Uwe Gemballa
At the time, company owner Uwe Gemballa said that a twin-turbo version of the Porsche Supercar was in the works. Modified Luxury & Exotics magazine described the car as “one of the finest automobiles we’ve ever featured.” 25 Mirage GTs were produced in total.

Who owns a Porsche Carrera GT?

Jenson Button’s Porsche Carrera GT Sells for $970,000 It is only fitting that this particular Carrera GT was owned and driven by Jenson Button, an icon of Formula 1 racing in the same era.

Do they still make Carrera GT?

A classic sports car with the support of a modern one Some 1270 units of the Carrera GT were made in total over its production life (manufacture ended in May 2006).