What happened to the lady with one arm on CBeebies?

A one-armed CBeebies presenter has hit back at cruel parents who said she was “scary” by sharing a bikini photo. Cerrie Burnell – who was born without half an arm – appeared on Loose Women today, opening up about the backlash she suffered when she scooped the role on the BBC children’s channel in 2009.

Which CBeebies presenter had one arm?

Cerrie Burnell
Cerrie Burnell is a British actress, author and TV presenter. She has an upper limb difference, having been born with her right arm ending slightly below the elbow, and dyslexia. Cerrie is best known for being a presenter of the BBC children’s channel CBeebies from 2009 to 2017.

Who are the presenters on CBeebies?


  • Andy Day (2007–present)
  • Katy Ashworth (2011–present)
  • Cat Sandion (2013–present)
  • Rebecca Keatley (2014–present)
  • Ben Cajee (2015–present)
  • Dodge T. Dog (2015–present)
  • Evie Pickerill (2018–present)
  • Joanna Adeyinka-Burford (2019–present)

What happened to Cerrie Burnell arm?

Cerrie was born with her right arm ending just before the elbow and has spent a lifetime living with dyslexia. “When you have grown up with prejudice as a part of your daily life, it doesn’t surprise you,” she says.

Who is Rebecca Keatley married to?

Sidney Sloane (born Gary Gibson; 7 June 1967) is a British actor and television presenter.

Who is the one armed weather girl?

Lucy Martin, who was born without her right forearm and hand, is the first visibly disabled BBC weather presenter. In 2015, she took part in a BBC initiative that offered disabled people with a passion for weather and the environment the chance to learn about the job.

How much do CBeebies presenters get paid?

between $130,000 to $558,000
As per sportsanguilla, the average salary of a CBeebies presenter is between $130,000 to $558,000.

Who is Evie pickerill?

Evie Pickerill (born 25th September 1991 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire) is a presenter on CBeebies and later a cover presenter on CBBC.

Was Cerrie Burnell fired from CBeebies?

She, the BBC, and multiple disability groups stated that the problem was actually the prejudices of the parents projected onto the children. Burnell left CBeebies in April 2017.

What happened to Katie on CBeebies?

Katy Ashworth – ‘Child abduction’ case Katy starred on CBeebies from 2009, demonstrating simple dishes on I Can Cook, while singing cheery songs, as well as being one of the main continuity presenters. She left in 2016, amid plans to move to Australia with film director Ben Alcott and their son, Charlie, then three.

How old is Sid from CBeebies?

Sloane left his presentation role on CBeebies on 12 April 2013, but continues to have a presence on the channel as he has one of the main roles in Let’s Play, which continues to be shown….

Sidney Sloane
Born Gary Gibson 7 June 1967
Occupation Actor, television presenter
Known for Presenting CBeebies (2002–2013)

Who is Evie on CBeebies?