What happened to the runner Mary Decker?

Decker paid a heavy price for her running career During her career, Decker was hugely injury prone and had more than 30 surgeries. Today, she has arthritis and cannot run without pain.

Is there a 3000 meter race in the Olympics?

In men’s athletics, 3000 metres has been an Olympic discipline only as a team race at the 1912, 1920 and 1924 Summer Olympics….3000 metres.

Athletics 3000 metres
Men Daniel Komen 7:20.67 (1996)
Women Wang Junxia 8:06.11 (1993)

Who won the triple jump in the 1984 Olympics What was his distance?

Athletics at the 1984 Summer Olympics – Men’s triple jump

Men’s triple jump at the Games of the XXIII Olympiad
Competitors 28 from 21 nations
Winning distance 17.26
Al Joyner United States Mike Conley Sr. United States Keith Connor Great Britain

Who ran with no shoes?

Abebe Bikila
In 1960, 28 year-old Abebe Bikila amazed the world when, unknown and unheralded, he won the Olympic marathon. He attracted the world’s attention not only by being the first East African to win a medal, but also because he ran the event barefoot. Four years later, in Tokyo, he won again – this time with shoes.

What is a good time for a 3000m run?

If you can run 9:00 to 9:20 you are in good company.

Who was Al Joyner?

Alfredrick Alphonso (Al) Joyner (1960–) Alfredrick Alphonzo (Al) Joyner is a track and field star who won the gold medal at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles for the triple jump, the first American in eight decades to win the event and the first African American.

Where did Al Joyner go to college?

East St. Louis Lincoln High School
Arkansas State UniversityEast St Louis Senior High School
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