What happened with Salman and Vivek?

The controversial press conference that Vivek called in 2003 was against Salman Khan as he accused him of calling 41 times abusing and threatening to kill because of his closeness with Aishwarya Rai. That soured Vivek’s relationship with Salman Khan forever.

Did Salman threaten Vivek?

In a press conference, when Vivek Oberoi accused Salman Khan of threatening him, it made megastar super angry and post that we hardly saw Vivek Oberoi making any appearances in films.

Did Vivek Oberoi say sorry to Salman Khan?

The war of words continues to be one of the most-talked-about controversies of the Indian film industry. But while it’s known to all that Vivek extended an apology to Salman after the press conference row, not many know that the Saathiya actor also apologised to Salman’s mom, Salma Khan.

Why was Salman angry with Vivek?

Both Salman and Vivek had a war of words that apparently exceeded than just being that, with the matter being related to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. It was said to be one of the biggest known controversies in the industry, and things just couldn’t quite be the same for the star after that.

Is Salman Khan in a relationship?

It was reported that Salman Khan is currently dating singer Iulia Vantur, but he never spoke about it publicly. Though the Radhe actor never officially talked about his relationships, his recent statement will definitely raise your eyebrows.

Who say sorry to Salman?

KRK has refused to apologise to Salman Khan after the Radhe actor slapped a defamation suit on him. Self-proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan, also known as KRK, refused to apologise to Radhe actor Salman Khan after he slapped a defamation suit on him.

What did Sonam Kapoor say to Vivek Oberoi?

Vivek Oberoi reacts to Sonam Kapoor’s ‘disgusting, classless’ remark: ‘Don’t overact in films, don’t overreact on Twitter’ Actor Vivek Oberoi has reacted to Sonam Kapoor’s tweet, in which she called a meme posted by him ‘disgusting and classless’. Sonam Kapoor and Vivek Oberoi are caught in a Twitter war of words.

Did Salman Khan attend Katrina’s wedding?

Vicky Kaushal, Katrina Kaif tied the knot on December 9 in Rajasthan; Salman Khan didn’t attend the wedding.