What ink does Epson XP 220 use?

DURABrite Ultra ink
Epson 220 Ink Cartridges use DURABrite Ultra ink which is a 4 colour pigment based ink technology that delivers brilliant, ultra-sharp detail on plain and specialty papers.

Can I refill Epson 220 ink cartridges?

The answer is that you can’t refill the original cartridges. You need the refillable ink cartridges. Original cartridges from Epson printers have a small memory chip that works as a counter. As the printer uses the cartridges, it updates that memory.

Do all Epson printers use the same ink cartridges?

Each printer in the Epson cartridge range uses a different type of printer cartridge and cannot work with any other in the Epson printer range other than that which is assigned to it.

How much does Epson black ink cost?

Compare With Similar Epson Ink

This item: High Capacity Epson 603XL Black Ink Cartridge Add to Basket High Capacity Compatible Epson 603XL Black Ink Cartridge Add to Basket
Price £27.40 £6.98
Contains Black Black
Page Yield 500 pages 500 pages
Running Cost 5.48p per page 1.39p per page

Can you refill your own EPSON ink cartridges?

Refilling Your Epson Printer Ink Cartridge. You may be wondering: Can Epson cartridges be refilled? Short answer: yes; and the process is simple.

Can I use Epson 200 ink instead of 220?

No, the cartridge numbers 200(xl) are not compatible with the cartridge 220(xl).

How many pages does Epson 220 ink print?

175 pages
A standard Epson 220 cartridge prints 175 pages, a high yield Epson 220 prints 500 pages. Get more prints per cartridge and save more with high yield compatible replacements for the Epson 220.

Can you use off brand ink in Epson printer?

All cartridges must be installed with ink for printing and printer maintenance. For print quality, some ink remains in replaced cartridges. Designed for EPSON cartridges only: Other brands of ink supplies are not compatible and, if described as compatible, may not function properly or continuously.