What is 10mm twin and earth cable used for?

10mm twin and earth cable is often used for shower installations and cooking circuits. It is important that a suitably qualified professional assesses the requirements of the work as choosing the incorrect and wrong size of cable could lead to distressing consequences.

How wide is 10mm twin and earth cable?

Twin and Earth (T+E)

CSA Overall Dimensions Approx Measurement across
bundle of strands (‘diameter’)
4mm² 11.9mm x 6.25mm 2.56mm
6mm² 13.5mm x 7mm 3.13mm
10mm² 17.1mm x 10mm 4.05mm

What size breaker do I need for 10mm cable?

The 10mm will be more than adequate for a 32 amp breaker if the cost is not a concern.

What current can 10mm cable carry?

How Many Amps Can 10MM Cable Carry? 10mm cables can tolerate anywhere between 32 and 64 amps depending on various factors including location, the length of the cable and ambient temperature. The amperage of an electrical cable refers to its current carrying capacity. This is the definition most electricians repeat.

Can I use 10mm cable for sockets?

Cable size – if it is 6mm T+E cable, then it’ll terminate fine in a typical socket terminal. If it’s 10mm, then it will be difficult to terminate it as the cable is hard to bend, and may not fit the terminals on cheap sockets.

What is the diameter of 10mm cable?

10mm nominal cross sectional area. 19.5mm overall cable diameter.

Is 10mm cable OK for cooker?

No domestic induction cookers require 10mm cable. Domestic cookers are usually on a 32a MCB.

Can 10mm take 50 amps?

Always use 10mm T&E for cooker as this future proofs it. If using 10mm you can use 40/50 amp MCB. The primary function of MCB is to protect the supply cable. The appliance will only ask for the current it needs.