What is a 4 bolt flange?

Four-bolt flanged ball bearing units have a square shape with 4 holes for mounting to accomodate higher loads than two-bolt flanges.

What is a flange bearing?

What is a flange bearing? Flange bearings consist of a cylindrical body with a flange at one end. These bearings are capable of supporting radial loads as well as light axial loads due to the flange providing a thrust surface.

What is a flanged bushing?

Flange bearings, or flange bushings, are a bronze sintered, oil impregnated bushing featuring a flange that is designed to support a load. Flange bushings are used at lower speeds and lighter loads while still allowing the mating shaft to slide freely within the bushing.

What is UCF bearing?

The UCF pillow block (RHP SF and MSF series) consists of a bearing insert with a spherical outer diameter in a cast iron housing. The bearing is usually fixed to the shaft by means of two set screws in the extended portion of the inner ring.

Why flange bearing is used?

A flanged bearing is used in this instance to help withstand axial thrusting. If there is any axial load or axial push on the bearing, the flange will prevent the bearing from moving axially.

How do you measure a bearing flange?

First begin by measuring the ID:

  1. Next measure the outer diameter of the body:
  2. Following the OD measure the overall length of the bushing, including the flange:
  3. Next measure the outer diameter of the flange:
  4. Lastly measure the thickness of the flange:
  5. This process will help you accurately measure flange bushings.

What UCF means?

the University of Central Florida
UCF most commonly stands for the University of Central Florida, a metropolitan public research university located in Orlando, Florida, United States. It may also refer to: UCF Knights, the athletic program of the University of Central Florida.

What is pillow block used for?

Pillow block bearing units are usually a housed bearing with a machined mounting surface and are used in mechanical power transmission systems to support shafts and couplings. The shaft is parallel to the mounting surface and generally perpendicular to the mounting screws. They are a type of housed bearing unit.

What size bolts for a 4 flange?

Flange Bolting Chart

150 LB. Flanges
Nominal Pipe Size # Bolts or Studs Dia of Bolts or Studs
3 4 0.75
3-1/2 8 0.88
4 8 0.88