What is a bourbon room in a home?

Wine vaults and wine-tasting rooms are common in high-end homes, but bourbon rooms are a rising star. This dark and masculine chamber has eight full casks with spouts, exposed beams and a stone wall, plus a central seating area with four comfortable armchairs.

What is a bourbon Lounge?

A Bourbon Bar has a separate section for their bourbons on their menu. A really good bourbon Bar will have a separate menu for their bourbons. They will not have Canadian whiskey, Tennessee whiskey or rye whiskey mixed in their bourbon Selections.

How do you make a whiskey room?

Pro Tips for Building Your Own Whisky Room

  1. Show Your Bottles Off. While wine is typically stored horizontally in a cellar to allow for more space, this room is all about your whisky, so show off those labels by displaying whisky bottles standing up.
  2. Lock ‘Em Up.
  3. Watch The Empty Space.
  4. Build That Collection.

How big is the Bourbon Room?

the Bourbon Room is also a gateway to a 5,000 square foot, 200-seat custom theater, flooded with neon lights and signs from iconic clubs that made The Sunset Strip, and a million dollar, state-of-the-art sound and lighting system featuring cutting-edge production for the ultimate live music experience.

What is a speakeasy in a house?

Speakeasies became popular in the 1920s after the introduction of prohibition. Underground bars popped up across the country serving illegal liquor, and were often hidden inside other venues or required passwords to enter.

How is bourbon served?

Bourbon purists drink their juice neat- which means it’s served at room temperature without anything added. It’s typically poured in a rocks glass, shot glass, snifter, or Glencairn glass. This is the preferred method for seasoned whiskey drinkers, but it’s a great way to get the real deal from a bottle of bourbon.

Is bourbon in a bar?

As you might imagine, the primary attraction of a bourbon bar is the bourbon. Bourbon is a variant of whiskey made from corn, producing a sweeter drink than other whiskeys. Each bar has its own bottle list, but there are many kinds of bourbon that are popular like Barrell and Old Forester.

What is a whiskey room?

The Whiskey Room features an extensive range of whiskey, craft beers & cocktails along with a tapas style menu in a warm, relaxing and fun environment. There is plenty to learn about whiskey and even more to enjoy. The story of whiskey is long, fascinating and worth sharing with good company.

What do you need for a bourbon bar?

SETTING UP THE BOURBON BAR You can use Glencairn glasses, rocks glasses, or any smaller-sized glasses you have. Have an ice bucket and tongs for those who want their bourbon the rocks. If you’re feelin’ fancy, have some optional garnishes pre-cut: lemon, lime, or orange peel zest.

What do I need for a whiskey bar?


  1. Whisky glasses and coasters. Enjoy your favourite dram the way it should be.
  2. Whisky stones.
  3. Whisky decanter.
  4. Whisky cabinet.
  5. Cocktail recipe book.

How many does the Bourbon Room hold?