What is a concept attainment lesson?

Concept Attainment is an. inductive process that helps bring meaning to concepts or helps construct concepts through the searching for common characteristics ( called attributes). In Concept Attainment, the student compares like examples and contrasts them with unlike examples.

What is an example of concept attainment?

For example, if a teacher wanted to teach his students the attributes of mammals, he could use the concept attainment model. He may have a stack of cards, each card with a picture of an animal. He would not tell his students the concept and ask them to instead guess the common theme themselves.

How do you write a concept statement for a lesson plan?

Concept Statement/Main Idea: Write 1-2 sentences about the concepts/main idea of this lesson, followed by vocabulary terms. Write at least one question to match the objective you listed or describe what you will look at to be sure that students have met the objective by the end of class.

How does concept attainment support the diverse needs of students?

Better Serves Students from Diverse Backgrounds The Concept Attainment model supports brain-based teaching strategies because it incorporates engagement, repetition, in depth learning, practice, and movement all of which are critical factors in the learning process.

What is the difference between concept formation and concept attainment?

Concept formation occurs when new categories are formed; in concept attainment, the con- cepts are already determined and the students must identify the characteristics of the concept (Joyce and Weil 1990).

What is the first step in concept attainment method?

Preparation: Choose a concept with well-defined attributes. Prepare “yes” and “no” examples. Some of the yes examples should have a high attribute value (meaning it should be a clear representative of the concept)

What is the concept attainment strategy and concept formation strategy?

Built on the principle of concept formation, the Concept Attainment model promotes student learning through a process of structured inquiry. The model helps students to understand and learn concepts by identifying attributes or key features through a process of analysis, comparison, and contrasting of examples.

How to teach with the concept attainment model?

Students work in pairs to identify the Essential Attributes of the concept.

  • Student pairs prepare a final working description of the concept.
  • Students analyze and describe their thinking as they worked though the Concept Attainment processes.
  • What are the objectives of lesson plan?

    Cognitive: having to do with knowledge and mental skills.

  • Psychomotor: having to do with physical motor skills.
  • Affective: having to do with feelings and attitudes.
  • Interpersonal/Social: having to do with interactions with others and social skills.
  • What is concept attainment and concept formation strategy?

    CONCEPT ATTAINMENT Concept attainment is an instructional strategy that uses a structured inquiry process. The strategy is based on the research of Jerome Bruner (1977) and his associates, who investigated how different variables affected the concept-learning process. In concept attainment, students figure out the attrib­

    What is the concept attainment model?

    Link past knowledge with new information

  • Critically analyze,compare,and categorize information
  • Examine and understand a concept from multiple perspectives,strengthening understanding and retrieval of the concept.