What is a Grecian pool?

Well the Grecian Shaped Pools are said to have a classic look that started with a basic rectangular shape but with truncated or “cut off” corners. This kind of shape can best complement architecture and the backyard garden areas that have a classical theme.

What is Roman style swimming pool?

A Roman inground pool is unmistakable in design. It catches the eye with a rectangular base, that flows into what are known as “Roman Pool Ends” — stylized corners and semi-circles in place of straight edges. This style of pool is a nod to historic Italian architecture.

How many gallons is a 16×32 Grecian pool?


Size Square Ft. Gallons
16×32′ 609′ 21,100
18’x36′ 761′ 24,500
20’x40′ 905′ 30,800

What is the most beautiful swimming pool in the world?

Top 10 Of The Most Beautiful Swimming Pools In The World

  • The Royal at Atlantis, Bahamas.
  • San Alfonso del Mar, Chile.
  • Golden Nugget Hotel, Las Vegas.
  • Como Shambhala Estate, Bali.
  • Hotel Berg, Iceland.
  • Marina Sands, Singapore.
  • Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, Thailand.
  • The Gilded Iguana, Costa Rica.

What is an ancient Roman pool called?

A frigidarium is a large cold pool at the Roman baths. When entering the bath house, one would go through the apodyterium, where they would store their clothes. After the caldarium and the tepidarium, which used hot water to open the pores of the skin, the frigidarium would be reached.

What is the most popular swimming pool?

The Figure-8 It’s pretty obvious: a figure-8-shaped pool resembles the number 8, with round or circular shapes on the ends and a narrower area in the middle, like an hourglass. The ends of this type of pool do not have to be the exact same size—one can be larger than the other.