What is a GS1-128 barcode used for?

GS1-128 defines both data types and formats that are used for exchange and logistics between entities. Food companies use this barcoding format to share company, product, and shipping information.

What size is a UCC-128 label?

4” by 6”
Create your UCC-128 Shipping Container label based on the UCC specifications. If you use the 4” by 6” label format, your UCC-128 bar code should be 3.02” in length, 1.25” in height, with a . 25” quiet zone on each side. Only use UCC / EAN-128, subset C bar code symbology with the nominal X dimension of 20 mil.

What is GS1 barcode example?

In the example above, [FNC1] is the single character Function Code 1, which specifies that a Code 128 barcode is a GS1-128 code. 00 is the serial shipping container code (“SSCC”) AI that designates the following data as a serial shipping container code. 12345678 is the company number.

How do GS1 barcodes work?

GS1 introduced the barcode in 1974. They encode a product identification number that can be scanned electronically, making it easier for products to be tracked, processed, and stored. Barcodes improve the efficiency, safety, speed and visibility of supply chains across physical and digital channels.

What is the difference between UCC and UPC?

The UPC number itself is referred to as the GTIN – Global Trade Item Number. The GTIN is made up of your GS1 Company Prefix and the number that you have assigned to that unique product. The UCC Company Prefix is a 6-9 digit number assigned to you by the GS1.

What does UCC label mean?

Uniform Code Council
UCC System provide guidelines for labeling products and putting shipping containers into the correct order. The UCC, or Uniform Code Council, also includes rules for using a bar code to communicate business data, such as: Product expiration dates.

How do I get a 128 barcode?

Overall Structure. A Code 128 barcode begins with a START character, followed by the DATA characters, followed by the CHECK character, and finally a STOP character. The whole barcode symbol must also include a quiet zone of white space both before the START character and after the STOP character.

What type of barcode is used in USA?

One of the most commonly used barcode types is UPC (Universal Product Codes). This barcode is used for labeling retail products. It’s found on almost every sale item in the market and all grocery stores in the US. It consists of a 12 digit numeric-only number.

What are GS1-128 labels used for?

GS1-128 labels are perfect for printing Application Identifiers (AIs), Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCCs), shipping carrier routing barcodes, and more.

What zone is the sscc-18 on a GS1-128 shipping label?

The SSCC-18 is placed in Zone I on a GS1-128 Shipping Label. Since data being received and transmitted by EDI are essential components of a GS1-128 Shipping Label, a company’s EDI solution will determine which GS1-128 Solution is needed.

What is the difference between true value and GS1-128 shipping labels?

For example, the JC Penney GS1-128 Shipping Label example below is placed on cartons which are used for automation sortation on a conveyor using fixed mounted scanning equipment vs. the True Value sample label below is used to identify inbound pallets, and is scanned manually using a hand scanner.

What are the different types of date information on the GS1-128?

The foodservice industry has agreed upon the use of 5 types of date information for the GS1-128: production date, packaging date, best before date, sell by date, or expiration date. Batch/Lot: A unit of production, inspection, and/or shipment that is uniform in terms of quantity across lots, or components within batches.