What is a holding valve in hydraulics?

Load-holding valves, also known as over-center valves or counterbalance valves are a type of pressure control valve. They prevent loads on cylinders or motors dropping in an uncontrolled manner. For this purpose they are pre-loaded with a pressure setting that is higher than the largest possible load.

What is Sun valve?

A sun valve (Swedish: solventil, “solar valve”) is a flow control valve that automatically shuts off gas flow during daylight. It earned its inventor Gustaf DalĂ©n the 1912 Nobel Prize in Physics. Subsequently other variants of sun valve were developed for various different uses.

How do you set a Sun counterbalance valve?

Remember, with Sun counterbalance valves, turning the adjust screw clockwise (facing the valve) lowers the pressure setting, while counterclockwise movement increases the setting. (Think of the adjust screw as a manual override.)

How does a hydraulic counterbalance valve work?

Counterbalance valves are hydraulic devices that function using this basic principle: fluid can freely flow through a check valve into the actuator, and reverse flow will be blocked using a relief valve until a pre-set pressure is reached that is set based on the system pressure and load capability.

How does a holding valve work?

The combined pressure from the pilot on the bore end of the cylinder and the load pressure from the rod end of the cylinder will open the load holding valve, allowing flow from the cylinder to the tank and lowering the cylinder.

Where is Sun Hydraulics located?

Sarasota, FL
About Sarasota, FL USA Sun’s 701 Tallevast Road facility in Sarasota, Florida was built in 1997, coincident with Sun becoming a public company.

Is Sun Hydraulics publicly traded?

In business since 1970 and a public company since 1997 (NASDAQ: SNHY), Sun sells its products globally, primarily through independent distributors, to diverse markets of mobile and industrial equipment and machinery manufacturers.

Which load holding valve is used to lock a cylinder in place so it will hold position without drift?

Pilot Operated Check Valves P.O. check valves work well in load or position holding applications due to their typically near-zero leakage. They also prevent cylinder drift due to a slow leak or rapid motion due to a ruptured hydraulic hose. They can literally be a lifesaver.

How many employees does Sun Hydraulics have?

Sun Hydraulics, LLC has 211 total employees across all of its locations and generates $26.61 million in sales (USD).