What is a metering equipment?

Electric Metering Equipment means electric meters and associated equipment, including metering transformers and meters for measuring kWh, amperes and voltage, utilized in determining the Energy Output Level at the Interconnection Point(s).

What is the equipment used in GSS?

Distribution Transformer. Circuit breaker. Lightning Arrester. Air Break (AB) switches / Isolator.

What are the purpose of electrical metering devices?

An electric meter is a device used to measure the electrical energy usage of a home, building, or other electrically powered device. They are used in order to provide accurate billing to customers.

What is basic metering?

Basic meters calculate your energy usage by totaling the kWhs between a “start read date” and an “end read date”. These dates relate to the date(s) a meter reader visits your property to take a meter read (every 3 months).

What is the purpose of metering equipment in substations?

Metering Equipment: Ensuring Quality and Safety Voltage transformers lower the voltage so protection and control units can measure it. Voltage is the difference in electrical level (or potential) between two points. It’s expressed in volts (V).

What is metering in substation?

A consumer power substation with metering on medium voltage side is an electrical installation connected to a utility supply system at a nominal voltage usually between 1kV – 35kV, which for example may supply a single MV/LV transformer (exceeding generally 1250 kVA), several MV/LV transformers or one or several MV/LV …

What is sub station equipment?

For transferring of electrical power from generating unit to distributing units various types of electrical equipment are required. The equipment like bus bars, isolator, power transformer etc., are assembled together in the electrical substation through which consumers get electrical supply.

What are substation equipments?

The switchyards, switches, circuit breakers, and transformers for the connection and disconnection of transformers and circuit breakers. These are also having lighting arrestors to protect the substation or power station from strokes of natural lighting.

How many types of meter are there?

There are typically three different types of meters….Meter dimensions.

Meter name Meter type Dimensions (mm)
ECJ EDMI Mk7A E2c Meter Interval 128 (W) x 212 (H) x 111 (D)

What are the parts of electric meter?

Basic Parts of a Meter

  • Potential Coil – it has a coil with several turns of fine wire and has a laminated core.
  • Meter Disk – this is a disk which is located in between the potential coil and the current coil, and is driven by electromagnetic induction.