What is a musical cliché?

A musical cliche is a common technique used, deliberately, to evoke a desired, predictable response from the audience.

What is a cliché phrase?

Definition of cliché 1 : a trite phrase or expression also : the idea expressed by it. 2 : a hackneyed theme, characterization, or situation. 3 : something (such as a menu item) that has become overly familiar or commonplace.

Which phrase is an example of a cliché?

A cliché is a phrase or idea that has become a “universal” device to describe abstract concepts such as time (Better Late Than Never), anger (madder than a wet hen), love (love is blind), and even hope (Tomorrow is Another Day).

What are phrases in music?

In music theory, a phrase (Greek: φράση) is a unit of musical meter that has a complete musical sense of its own, built from figures, motifs, and cells, and combining to form melodies, periods and larger sections.

How do you explain cliché to a child?

A cliché or cliche is an expression, idea, or element of an artistic work which has become overused to the point of losing its original meaning or effect, even to the point of being trite or irritating, especially when at some earlier time it was considered meaningful or novel.

What is the meaning of cliché and examples?

A cliché is a phrase that, due to overuse, is seen as lacking in substance or originality. For example, telling a heartbroken friend that there are “Plenty of fish in the sea” is such a cliché that it would probably not be all that comforting for them to hear, even though the saying is meant to be a reassurance.

What are phrases in a melody?

A melodic phrase is a group of notes that make sense together and express a definite melodic “idea”, but it takes more than one phrase to make a complete melody.

What is the difference between melody and phrase?

Motif :: a group of notes that represent a particular person, place, object etc. Phrase :: a group of measures where the notes are usually structured (arc) to create a question/answer relationship. Melody :: interwoven motifs and phrases to represent a particular concept.

What are some examples of leitmotifs?

Famous Leitmotif Examples:

  • Der Ring des Nibelungen (Wagner)
  • James Bond (Main Theme)
  • Schindler’s List (Violin Solo)
  • Harry Potter (Hedwig’s Theme)