What is a news ticker called?

A news ticker (sometimes called a “crawler”, “crawl”, “slide”, “zipper”, or “ticker tape”) is a horizontal or vertical (depending on a language’s writing system) text-based display either in the form of a graphic that typically resides in the lower third of the screen space on a television station or network (usually …

What are ticker on news channels?

The genre under investigation is that of news tickers, the string of texts that crawl in the lower third space of a TV screen on certain TV news channels and programmes, displaying a summary of the major news stories.

What is tickers in journalism?

News ticker. A news ticker resides in the lower third of the television screen space on television news networks dedicated to presenting headlines or minor pieces of news. It may also refer to a long, thin scoreboard-style display seen around the front of some offices or public buildings.

How do I add a ticker to my website?

How to Make a Ticker for Your Website

  1. Open your Web page and view its HTML code.
  2. Press the “Enter” key to insert a blank line.
  3. Copy and paste the following code onto the blank line:
  4. Update the code parameters to suit your design needs.
  5. Save your page and open it in a Web browser.

How do you use Ditty News Ticker?


  1. Upload ditty-news-ticker directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Create a Ditty by going to Ditty > Add New.
  4. Insert your Ditty by user the supplied shortcode, widget, or global render option.

Why is it called Chyron?

There’s a word for them: chyron. Although it’s often used generically, it actually comes from the name of the company whose software allows television producers to add those crawling words, phrases, and images to their broadcasts.

What is a ticker display?

Stock & News Ticker Displays Visual Information Sharing Solution. Wavetec’s stock and news display tickers allow businesses to showcase real-time market data, proprietary information, news headlines, while messaging with the ease of a click.

How do you pronounce Chyrons?

Chyron is pronounced \KIE-ron\ and is frequently seen lower-case.

What is a Chiron news?

Definition of chyron : a caption superimposed over usually the lower part of a video image (as during a news broadcast) I sometimes fantasize about spending the rest of my life studying them. CNN and Fox News would then have me on whenever there was a major hummingbird story.