What is a note board in SharePoint?

The SharePoint Note Board is a place where users can share information and leave comments about documents, folders, libraries, and subsites.

Can you make notes on SharePoint?

After you create the notebook, you can email teammates and colleagues a link to the notebook. Anyone with write permissions on the SharePoint site will also be able to view and edit the notes.

How does OneNote work with SharePoint?

From OneNote 2016, select File > New > SharePoint. Select Browse, situated near to the SharePoint section. You need to navigate to your SharePoint Site’s document library, where you wish to save the Team Notebook. Give a meaningful name to the Notebook which makes it easy to identify, in the Notebook Name box.

Can SharePoint be used as a forum?

Unlike built-in Site Feed, it is a SharePoint list dressed up as a forum-style discussion. Just like web forums out there, users can start discussions/topics and then others can respond.

How do I view a note board in SharePoint?

To view a Note Board: To view the Note Board of a SharePoint document, folder, library, or subsite, right-click the SharePoint item in the document list, and select Note Board. The Note Board pane opens at the bottom of the harmon.ie sidebar, where you can see the last 25 notes, post a new note, edit, or delete your notes.

How do I edit a note from the SharePoint note board?

To edit a note from the SharePoint Note Board: View the Note Board pane of the SharePoint item. Locate the note and click the Edit Note icon (). Update your note in the text box and select Post.

Is the noteboard webpart still available in SPO?

Unfortunately the Noteboard webpart seems to have been deprecated in SPO. While Microsoft has not given any solid reason to retire these webparts, i believe its because instead of newsfeed its actively promoting Yammer for driving social engagements.

What happened to tags and notes in SharePoint?

Report a support scam SharePoint Tags & Notes feature retired SharePoint in Microsoft 365SharePoint in Microsoft 365 Small BusinessMore… Less The Tags & Notes feature of SharePoint in Microsoft 365 has been retired. You can no longer create new tags and notes or access existing ones.