What is a relationship between tables?

A relationship works by matching data in key columns, usually columns (or fields) that have the same name in both tables. In most cases, the relationship connects the primary key, or the unique identifier column for each row, from one table to a field in another table.

What is the purpose of having relationship between tables?

Relationships between tables tell you how much of the data from a foreign key field can be seen in the related primary key column and vice versa.

What is Dataport in Navision?

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can set dataports to import data from an external file with a fixed format or a variable format. This topic describes how to create a dataport for importing data from an external file. Creating a dataport that imports data is not very different from creating one that exports data.

What is sift in Navision?

When you add SumIndexFields to a key in Navision table, Navision will create additional table in SQL Server, which is known as SIFT table to store the pre-calculated value for the SumIndexFields. SIFT table is a term used in Navision. In fact, the SIFT table is just an ordinary table in SQL Server.

What are the advantages of relationships in a database?

To sum up all the advantages of using the relational database over any other type of database, a relational database helps in maintaining the data integrity, data accuracy, reduces data redundancy to minimum or zero, data scalability, data flexibility and facilitates makes it easy to implement security methods.

What is sum index field in Navision?

In Dynamics NAV there are SumIndexFields that can be used for cases like this. This technology lets you calculate the sums of numeric data type (Decimal, Integer, BigInteger, and Duration) columns in tables, even in tables with thousands of records very fast.

How do you use Calcsum in Navision?

You specify which fields to calculate by using parameters.

  1. Syntax. Copy. [Ok :=] Record.CALCSUMS (Field1, [Field2],…)
  2. Property Value/Return Value. Type: Boolean.
  3. Remarks. Use this function to total columns in a table.
  4. Example. This example shows how to use the CALCSUMS function.
  5. See Also. SumIndexField Technology (SIFT)

What is a relationship type?

A Relationship Type is a type of association that can exist between two different (or same) entity types. For example, a person can manage another person, or an organization can legally own another organization.