What is a scupper in construction?

Description: Scuppers are used to provide an outlet through parapet walls or gravel stops on flat and built-up roofs to allow drainage of excess water. They can be used in conjunction with gutters and downspouts to divert the flow to the desired location.

How do you measure a scupper?

To adjust this table for other than a 5-inch design rain fall rate, multiply the square footage on the table by 5 then divide by the local design rain fall rate. Example: For 4 inches of design rainfall rate, a 4-inch long scupper with a 1-inch head would accommodate 287 square feet. (230 x 5) ÷4 = 287.

How much does it cost to install a scupper?

Installation of a roofing scupper will likely run you between $400-$800, depending on the time and materials needed for the job.

What are scuppers used for?

A scupper is an opening in the side walls of a vessel or an open-air structure, which allows water to drain instead of pooling within the bulwark or gunwales of a vessel, or within the curbing or walls of a building.

What best describes a scupper?

a drain at the edge of a deck exposed to the weather, for allowing accumulated water to drain away into the sea or into the bilges.

What does a scupper look like?

Channel-type scuppers are three sided or are a simple rectangular hole cut in the wall. Some types can be round or a unique, decorative shape using custom sheet metal fabrication. These holes allow any water to drain straight down the sides of your building to prevent standing water and leakage.

How do I calculate roof drainage?

Take the roof’s total square footage and divide by the total square footage handled by one drain. The result is the number of drains needed. For example: 50,000 / 4,400 = 11.36; or 12 drains required.

How do you install scuppers?

Place the Scupper Retrofit Drain Assembly into the existing drain leader (vertical or horizontal) pipe. The drain flange(s) should be in contact with the surface of both the wall and roof. Using the pre-punched holes in the perim- eter of the flange, secure the drain flange to the substrate with appropriate fasteners.

What is a scupper hole?

Scupper holes are intentional holes in sit-on-top kayaks, like fishing kayaks. It seems counter-intuitive to have holes in a boat, but they serve a couple important design purposes: They help give structural integrity to the kayak… They operate as a drain hole when you get water in your boat.

What is a scupper on a bridge?

A scupper is a small opening in the bridge deck, curb, or barrier through which water can flow from the bridge deck. This program will only be considering the opening in the bridge deck.

Why is it called a scupper?

Scupper Has Military Origins All we know for sure is that scupper meant “to ambush and massacre” in 19th-century military slang.

Where do scuppers drain to?

In short, a scupper is a detail that provides drainage to a roof system by allowing the water runoff from the roof to exit the roof through a metal edge, parapet wall or through the deck into a downspout or leader not run through the interior of the building.