What is a Shiro Muji koi?

Shiro Muji are non-metallic solid white koi. Shiro Muji differ from Platinum Ogon. Shiro Muji are a flat, matte white, as opposed to the bright, metallic white seen in Platinum Ogon. Shiro Muji are a product of Kohaku spawn, where the red pattern is completely absent.

How can you tell Kohaku koi?

Kohaku koi fish is a Japanese species which is known for their white and red coloring. They may be scale less or scaled, and some patterns such as Tancho, where the fish’s body is white with a red spot on the head, is highly valued.

What is the prettiest koi fish?

Koromo or Goromo is one of the most stunning types of koi fish. It is a hybrid of a Kohaku and an Asagi ki fish. It has the characteristic colors of a Kohaku (white and red) and the characteristic net pattern of the Asagi koi fish.

What makes a good Kohaku?

The ideal Kohaku has a solid white body with red markings. The white should be clear and even, though many kohaku have a yellowish nose which judges don’t care for, but many owners find charming. The red markings (traditionally called hi) can be one of two types.

What are the friendliest koi?

Chagoi (Chah’-goy) It is almost universally agreed to be the friendliest of the koi classifications because it is the most aggressive at feeding time and almost always the first fish to become hand-tame.

Why is my Kohaku orange?

Many times however, young Kohaku start out a solid orange or even yellow and the pattern and red will come as they mature. This however is totally dependent on many factors, like quality of feed, water conditions/ quality, and genetics.

Who breeds the best Kohaku?

Shinji Murata or Murata Koi Farm is one of the top Kohaku breeders in the world. His Kohaku has won a grand champion in All Japan Nishikigoi Show. The title proves the excellence of his Kohaku.

Are kohaku Swordtails rare?

Kohaku Swordtails are a highly sought after variety, rarely seen in the hobby and not available in most pet fish stores. Comments: This is a Premium Pet Fish, and we never see Premium Swordtails like these in any of the live fish stores or in the online stores that we visit.