What is a surfboard fin box?

Having a fin box in your surfboard allows you to interchange your Surfboard Fins to suit the conditions or the way you want to surf. Surfboard fin boxes can come with either Longboards and Single Fin Surfboards, High Performance Shortboards, as well as Fish Surfboards.

What is a fin box?

A slot or plug that in the surfboard manufacturing process is laminated flush to the bottom section of the tail into which fins of various designs can easily be inserted and removed.

What are the two types of fin boxes?

Currently, there are 2 main fin base types on the market – Single Tab also known as Futures Fins and Twin Tab also known as FCS II Fins. The predecessors to FCS II fins are FCS I Fins. You can now get infill kits for FCS II fin boxes so you can still use your favourite FCS I Fins in your new board.

How do you fin A fin box?

First slide the plate into the opening and push it toward the front of the box, next slide the back of the fin into the box ensuring the pin is locked into the channel. Next push the front of the fin down, but make sure you line up the hole at the front of the fin with the plate, and then, insert the screw.

What fin setup should I use?

Conclusion. Personally, I recommend getting your board with a 5 fin box, this allows for you to run single, twin, thruster or quad. A 5 fin setup isn’t designed to have all 5 fins in but allowing you to pick and choose your ideal setup.

What does FCS stand for surf?

Fin Control System
FCS (Fin Control System) is a brand, as well as type, of fin set-up which allows for more versatility in the placement and style of the fins attached to a surfboard. The FCS style can be used as the traditional tri-fin placement, a four (quad), or a five fin set up.

How do I know what fin box I have?

To determine your fin configuration, examine the base of your surfboard near the tail. The number of fin boxes you see is the fin configuration and will likely range from 1-5. The most common surfboard fin setups are Single, Twin, Thruster and Quad.

What is a fin key?

The FCS Fin Key is made for the inserting and removing FCS fins. Just make sure not to turn your key with too much force, it can damage the key or the screw. Insert key to depth line. Fin key colors will vary.

Can I surf without fins?

The simple answer is: Yes, you can surf without a fin. Honestly, you can surf anyway and anything you want to. Whether it works or not is an entirely different issue. But finless surfing is possible and it does work.