What is a synonym for taunt?

Some common synonyms of taunt are deride, mock, and ridicule. While all these words mean “to make an object of laughter of,” taunt suggests jeeringly provoking insult or challenge.

What is a tardy in school?

Tardiness is defined as: Any student arriving late to class. Any student who is tardy by more than 30 minutes will be regarded as absent for the period and must present a re-admit from the Attendance Office the following day.

What does Tunted mean?

prevent from growing or developing properly

Is tardy positive or negative?

Positive Connotation Negative Connotation

Why is it called a tardy?

Whatever the excuse, being tardy almost always annoys whoever’s waiting for you. As a reality TV star once crooned, “Don’t be tardy for the party.” The word comes from the Latin tardus, meaning “slow.”

What part of speech is tardiness?


part of speech: adjective
definition: late or delayed. She is never tardy for work, but sometimes leaves early. synonyms: belated, deferred, delayed, late, postponed antonyms: prompt, punctual, quick similar words: overdue
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derivations: tardily (adv.), tardiness (n.)

What is a tardiness?

: the quality or state of being tardy or late Students might be sent to Saturday school for any of various infractions, such as tardiness, truancy, smoking, failure to deliver class-work, or creating a disturbance.—

What triumphant means?

1 : victorious, conquering triumphant armies. 2 : rejoicing for or celebrating victory a triumphant shout. 3 : notably successful a triumphant performance.

How do you spell tardiness?


  1. tar′di·ly adv.
  2. tar′di·ness n.
  3. Synonyms: tardy, late, overdue. These adjectives mean not arriving, occurring, acting, or done at the scheduled, expected, or usual time: tardy in making a dental appointment; late for the plane; an overdue bus. Antonym: prompt.

How do you prevent tardiness?

How to Avoid Tardiness

  1. Sleep early. If you are having a hard time on waking up, it might be implying that you didn’t have enough sleep.
  2. Be organized. One problem of employees who are always late is organization.
  3. Give enough time to get ready.
  4. Adjust the time.
  5. Give enough time for travel.

What’s the difference between tardy and late?

As adjectives the difference between tardy and late is that tardy is late; overdue or delayed while late is near the end of a period of time.

What is tardiness of student?

Students Who Arrive and Leave School Early Miss Out on Key Learning Opportunities. Chronic tardiness is when students are consistently late to class and can have dramatic results on a student’s future education and career. This not only reflects poorly on the students and the school, but can affect their peers as well.

What is the opposite of tardiness?

What is the opposite of tardiness?

earliness prematureness
prematurity punctuality
timeliness promptness
promptitude regularity
readiness anticipation

What is the antonym of victory?

The opposite of victory is defeat.

Does tardy mean late?

adjective, tar·di·er, tar·di·est. late; behind time; not on time: How tardy were you today? moving or acting slowly; slow; sluggish. delaying through reluctance.

What is a part of speech for taunt?

part of speech: transitive verb. inflections: taunts, taunting, taunted.

How do you solve tardiness in school?

Implement Logical Consequences The best solution to tardiness is the use of logical consequences. These are consequences of behavior that make sense because they solve the problem as directly as possible. They do not mirror a student’s actions, they correct them.

What are the causes of tardiness?

The most common cause cited for tardiness is traffic (50%)….Lack of Sleep Is Second Most Common Cause of Tardiness Among Employees

  • bad weather (26%)
  • trying to get the kids to school or day care (12%)
  • public transportation issues (6%)

What is the theory of tardiness?

There have been some theories that pointed out that tardiness is caused by the personality of a person. Santillano (2010) stated that psychological theorists considered some “personality traits, including low self-esteem and anxiety” as triggering factors of tardiness (para 2).

What is the same as taunted?

SYNONYMS FOR taunt 1 censure, upbraid, flout, insult. 3 scoff, derision, insult, censure, ridicule.

What is another word for tardy?

Tardy Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for tardy?

late delayed
belated behind
behindhand unpunctual
dilatory overdue
delinquent latish

What is work tardiness?

Tardiness occurs when an employee fails to be available at work on time. Employees offer numerous reasons for being late, such as being caught in traffic jams, road blocks or flash floods.

What is the definition of legendary?

1 : of, relating to, or characteristic of legend or a legend legendary creatures of the sea. 2 : well-known, famous a legendary football player.

How do you use the word taunt in a sentence?

Taunt in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Before the match, the boxers made a point to taunt each other.
  2. Sometimes Billy fakes an illness so he does not have to deal with the bullies who taunt him at school.
  3. When the girl chose to taunt her enemy on social media, she did not realize other people would attack her in retaliation.

What is another word for tardiness?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for tardiness, like: lateness, belatedness, ineptitude, , rudeness, slowness, time, detention, delay and punctuality.

How do you use tardiness in a sentence?

Tardiness sentence example

  1. This tardiness in authorship is a significant fact in his life, in harmony with his tempered wisdom.
  2. Excessive tardiness can also result in you getting fired.
  3. He was sent to Congress to report Gates’s success against Burgoyne, but his tardiness secured for him a sarcastic reception.

What’s the definition of taunt?

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. : to reproach or challenge in a mocking or insulting manner : jeer at.