What is a water intake screen?

Intake screens are generally used to filter raw water extracted from surface supplies to eventually be used as cooling water, process water and other applications. Screens are 316(b) compliant with even flow over the entire surface.

What is traveling band screen?

The travelling band screen is a self-cleaning screen with millimetric mesh apertures that removes all types of debris from the water to be screened so as to protect the downstream industrial applications from being obstructed (heat exchangers, drinking water and desalination plants, chemical and LNG plants, irrigation …

What is a passive intake screen?

Passive Water Intake Screens Water passes through the water intake screen while debris and aquatic life remain in the water. Screens may be placed far from the shore for better water quality and lower concentrations of marine life and debris. With no moving parts, passive screens are reliable and easy to maintain.

What type of water screen do I need for my intake?

Thru Flow – We can design and manufacture a thru-flow screen to meet your intake screening needs. The thru-flow screen is the most common type of traveling water screen and comes in a two-post or four-post design. Both have been engineered to provide superior performance while requiring low maintenance.

What is a traveling water screen?

Traveling water screens are one of the most cost-effective means for fine screening of raw water. They are used in all types of applications where continuous raw water intake screening is required and protection of downstream equipment is critical. Debris in the flow can overwhelm and damage rotating screens or cause serious condenser issues.

Why choose Atlas-SSI for your water intake screen replacement?

From new water intake screens, to water intake screen rebuilds that offer factory warranties, and an extensive parts and ancillary equipment inventory, ATLAS-SSI is the right partner to provide solutions faster and help you minimize your system downtime.

What are Intake Screening systems?

Intake screening systems provide clean, debris-free raw water while minimizing ecological impacts, reducing maintenance problems and extending service life. Intake traveling water screens need to be fish-friendly, compliant with EPA section 316 (b).