What is a word with HEPT in it?

8 letter words containing hept heptagon. heptanes. heptarch. heptoses. heptylic.

Is HEPT a root word?

before vowels hept-, word-forming element meaning “seven,” from Greek hepta “seven,” cognate with Latin septem, Gothic sibun, Old English seofon, from PIE root *septm (see seven).

What are words that start with OCT?

6-letter words that start with oct

  • octave.
  • octane.
  • octavo.
  • octopi.
  • octant.
  • octroi.
  • octyls.
  • octans.

What are words that start with Sept?

10-letter words that start with sept

  • septicemia.
  • septillion.
  • septicidal.
  • septennial.
  • septenarii.
  • septicemic.
  • septuplets.
  • septupling.

Is Nona Greek or Latin?

Nona- comes from the Latin nōnus, meaning “ninth.” The word noon also derives from the Latin nōna hōra, the “ninth hour” from sunrise.

What is HEPT analysis?

Definition of ‘hept-‘ 1. the cardinal number that is the sum of six and one and is a prime number. See also number (sense 1) 2. a numeral, 7, VII, etc, representing this number.

What is prefix Oct?

The combining form oct-, octa- or octo- means “eight.” She plays flute in an octet. An eight-sided shape is called an octagon.

What is the root word for Oct?

oct. the root word that means eight. octave. a group or series of eight; in music, a tone eight degrees higher or lower than another tone.

What is the prefix of Oct?

Oct- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “eight.” It is used in a great many scientific and technical terms. Octo- comes from the Greek oktṓ, meaning “eight.” The Latin equivalent, which is almost identical in spelling and pronunciation, is octō.

What is a Hexylic?

Hexylic definition (chemistry) Pertaining to, or derived from, hexyl or hexane. Hexylic alcohol.