What is an aberrant snake?

The first controversy is that sometimes (rarely) a snake will be found that does not look like the field guide photo. These snakes are called “aberrant” and they often have markings and colors that are different – sometimes extremely different – from the “normal” version of the species.

Are California kingsnakes friendly?

California kingsnakes are a very popular pet. From their banded dark brown or black to white or yellow, the variety of colors and patterns found in kings is truly amazing. They are generally friendly and easy to care for.

How much are California kingsnakes worth?

California Kingsnake Price California Kingsnakes typically cost $50 to $100. Rarer morphs such as the banana will cost closer to $200.

What is an aberrant California Kingsnake?

Aberrant Banded Morphs A hypomelanistic Banded morph from Whitewater, Riverside County, along with a darker snake which is a more typical example of the Banded morph kingsnakes from the same area. © Ross Padilla. Melanistic Banded morph, Butte County © Brian Hubbs.

How big does a California Kingsnake get?

between 2.5 and 4 feet
This is a relatively small species of kingsnake, generally growing to between 2.5 and 4 feet (0.7 to 1.2 m), according to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo. California kingsnakes have shiny black scales with bright white markings.

Why is my king snake shaking his tail?

During the hot summers, they come out mostly in the morning. If they are threatened, kingsnakes will emit an unpleasant musk and shake their tails. This is another example of Batesian mimicry, this time of a rattlesnake.

Does a California kingsnake bite hurt?

Not generally no, but some king snakes have a tendency to hang on to your finger/hand for some time. Some will grind whilst doing this and that can be a bit sore and can cause a bit of bleeding. All in all though, a nip from a king will not particularly hurt.

How long do California king snakes live?

20 years
These snakes are Oviparous, in other words, egg laying reptiles where the mother incubates the eggs, in the case of the California King snake, an average of 8 eggs are incubated for up to 6 weeks. California King Snakes are not considered endangered, and have a life span of 20 years.