What is an exocyclic double bond?

What is an Exocyclic Double Bond? Exocyclic double bonds are covalent chemical bonds which contain two carbon atoms bonded to each other via a sigma bond and a pi bond. This type of double bonds has one of the two carbon atoms in the ring structure.

Why is the endocyclic double bond more stable?

Explanation: Endo cyclic double bonds are more stable than the exo cyclic double bonds because endo cyclic bonds are involved in the resonance. Resonance helps in delocalization of double bonds inside the ring, which lowers the energy of a molecule making it more stable.

What is Endocyclic?

Adjective. endocyclic (not comparable) (chemistry) Within a cycle or ring. (biology) Pertaining to an endocycle.

What is Exocyclic ring?

Definition of exocyclic : situated outside of a ring in a chemical structure.

What is ring residue in Woodward Fieser rule?

 In the above examples 1 and 2, assignment of substituents must be given to all the atoms which are directly connected to the diene.  Hence even though the structure has no substituents, the core carbon atoms have yet to be considered as alkyl-substituents. This is known as RING RESIDUE.

What is difference between exocyclic and endocyclic?

If both carbon atoms connected by a double bond are members of a ring, the double bond is said to be endocyclic; if only one of them is a member of a ring, the double bond is said to be exocyclic.

Which is more stable Endocyclic or Exocyclic?

A double bond in a six-membered ring is usually more stable in an endocyclic position than in an exocyclic position. Hydrogenation data on two pairs of compounds follow.

What is exocyclic and endocyclic?

What is Endocyclic and Exocyclic?

What is chromophore and Auxochrome?

Chromophore is that part of the molecule which when exposed to visible light will absorb and reflect a certain color. Auxochrome is a group of atoms which is functional and has the capability to alter the capacity of the chromophore to reflect colors. Azobenzene is an example of a dye which contains a chromophore.

What is the wavelength of base value of Heteroannular diene exocyclic double bond?

In the compound on the left, the base value is 214 nm (a heteroannular diene). This diene group has 4 alkyl substituents (labeled 1,2,3,4) and the double bond in one ring is exocyclic to the other (adding 5 nm for an exocyclic double bond).