What is an SB800?

SB800 sets forth standards for new construction in California. It requires that homeowners notify and allow builders the right to repair defects to a new construction home. It also requires buyers to follow maintenance guidelines and gives builders certain legal defenses that they did not have before.

What is the statute of limitations on construction defects in California?

It is important to note that the 3-year statute of limitations for actions for damage to real property and fraud still apply, and one must bring a claim within 3 years of the discovery of either damage to real property, which includes virtually all construction defects, and discovery of fraud.

Does SB 800 apply to remodels?

The law applies to all new residential construction, including detached and attached homes. It does not apply to remodeling contracts or condominium conversions.

What is a notice of non adversarial procedure?

The nonadversarial prelitigation procedure set out in Chapter 4 requires that the homeowner give written notice to the builder of the claim that the builder violated the standards of Chapter 2, describing the nature and location of the claimed violations.

How long is a builder liable for his work in California?

In accordance to California civil law, the contractor is liable for a stated minimum standard of construction for 10 years after building even if the house has been sold to new owners. However, certain defects can only be claimed for 1 or 4 years after completion.

How long is an architect liable for a building in California?

10-Year Statute of Limitation Any latent deficiency in the design, specifications, surveying, planning, supervision or construction observation of an improvement to or survey of, real property, and; Injury to property, real or personal, arising out of any such latent deficiency.

Who is responsible for building defects?

Defects can arise because the work was not carried out in a ‘good and workmanlike manner’ in accordance with good practice or a particular design, or because the wrong materials have been used – matters which would usually be the responsibility of the building contractor and its supply chain.

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Why are new builds so cold?

But thousands of buyers are finding that their expensive new homes are cold and draughty with heating bills far higher than expected. The culprit? The finger of blame is pointing towards builders rushing to meet targets, lax standards and poor inspection, with badly installed dry lining at the heart of the issue.