What is an upright scale?

The upright scale is used for ambulatory patients who can stand unattended on the platform. • A mechanical lift with scale can be used to weigh patients who cannot stand when a wheelchair is not available. • Sling scales can be used to weigh patients whose conditions do not permit the use of a mechanical lift/scale.

What is a standing scale called?

A physician scale, sometimes called a “balance beam scale,” is used for measuring patients’ body mass or weight. These scales use sliding weights that measure mass both in pounds and in kilograms, and are quite accurate. The scale consists of a platform that sits on the floor.

What is standing scale?

Standing weight scales are seen in doctors’ offices. Sometimes they are very hard to read, but with a little knowledge of all three bars and what they measure, reading this type of scale is a cinch. Standing weight scales measure your weight just like any household bathroom scale, only it’s more accurate.

How do you measure height on upright scale?

Hold the perpendicular rod in place as you get off the scale. Do not allow the rod to move from the point it was sitting when it was on your head. Look down at the scale to the part where measuring tool extends from its base. That number will reveal your height in inches.

How do you weigh yourself on a balance scale?

How to Use a Physician Beam Scale

  1. Remove your shoes and any heavy clothing such as a jacket before stepping on the scale.
  2. Step onto the scale facing the beam.
  3. Slide the small weight slowly along the scale.
  4. Determine your actual weight once the beam comes to rest in a straight line horizontally.

How do you weigh a patient in a wheelchair?

Push the empty wheelchair onto the scale and press the Tare button. Then, when you remove the wheelchair from the scale a minus reading will be shown on the indicator. Next, roll the wheelchair and the patient onto the scale and only the patient’s weight will be displayed.

What is bed scale?

A bed scale is a medical scale which enables a patient to be weighed whilst still in bed. Depending on the patient’s needs, bed weighing scales can be used in situations where moving the bed to weigh is or is not practical.