What is Android MobileGo?

MobileGo is an Android cleaning master & optimizer with a powerful Android data manager feature. You can use it to clean up all junk files and caches(RAM), boost the speed up to 70%, protect your privacy, mirror control your phone onto computer for big screen enjoyment, and transfer files between phones and PCs.

Is Drfone phone transfer free?

Fone Pricing Overview. Dr. Fone pricing starts at $9.95 per user, per month. There is a free version.

How do I connect my Iphone to Wondershare MobileGo?

Connect Your Apple Device

  1. Download, install and launch Wondershare TunesGo on your computer.
  2. Connect your iDevice with the computer via a USB cable, then you will find the connected iPod displayed on Wondershare TunesGo.
  3. Connect your iDevice with the computer via a USB cable, unlock your iDevice.

How do I restore a backup from Wondershare?

How to Restore A Backup to A Phone

  1. Step 1: Connect your device to the computer. Connect your phone to your PC.
  2. Step 2: Choose data to restore.
  3. Step 3: Wait for it to complete.
  4. Step 1: Connect your device to computer.
  5. Step 2: Select data to restore.
  6. Step 3: Waits for it to complete.

Does Dr Fone unlock really work?

The truth is that it is a super simple application and it works for all iOS devices: iPhone, iPod or iPad. It’s also a simple application and works for Android phones.

Does Dr Fone work for Android?

Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android, is a capable recovery solution for Android smartphones. It allows you to directly recover deleted data from SD cards inside Android devices.

How do I transfer data from Android to iPhone?

If you want to transfer your Chrome bookmarks, update to the latest version of Chrome on your Android device.

  1. Tap Move Data from Android.
  2. Open the Move to iOS app.
  3. Wait for a code.
  4. Use the code.
  5. Connect to a temporary Wi-Fi network.
  6. Choose your content and wait.
  7. Set up your iOS device.
  8. Finish up.

Why is my iPhone not connecting to Wondershare?

There are some tips for you to fix that: Download the latest version of the program for reinstallation. If Wondershare MobileTrans analysis failed or Wondershare Mobiletrans failed to connect, please download the latest program and check the tips below. 2. Reinsert your USB cable to connect the device.

How do I open a Wondershare backup file?

Open the Google Drive app on your Android phone and tap on the “Menu” option which is available at the top-left side of the app interface; Tap on the “Backups” option and proceed further; From there, you will be able to view the WhatsApp backup under the “Other backups” section.

How do I backup and restore my Android phone?

Settings, apps, SMS, call history, and much more!

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android phone.
  2. Tap on Google.
  3. Go into Backup.
  4. Toggle on Backup by Google One.
  5. You can also go into Google Account data and select other data you can sync.
  6. Go back to the main Backup settings.
  7. Tap on Back up now.

Is using Dr Fone safe?

Fone safe? Yes, Dr. Fone is safe to use. We did complete tests on all the functions and didn’t found any data leak.