What is another word for Nicely said?

What is another word for well said?

well put well articulated
well communicated well delivered
well expressed right on
preach on you took the words right out of my mouth
you tell them you tell ’em

What is another word good?


  • 1 pure, moral, conscientious; meritorious, worthy, exemplary, upright.
  • 2 adequate.
  • 3 outstanding, admirable.
  • 5 obedient, heedful.
  • 6 kindly, benevolent, humane, gracious, obliging.
  • 23 goodly, adequate.
  • 24 profitable, useful, serviceable, beneficial.

How do you use very well said?

You said that very well, and I agree. As Sally sat down, Mary complimented her, “Well said, Sally. You made your point very well.” John: And I for one will never stand for this kind of encroachment on my rights again! Mary: Well said! Bob: Well said, John!

What can I use instead of very good?


  • breathtaking.
  • excellent.
  • fabulous.
  • fantastic.
  • great.
  • hot.
  • magnificent.
  • Is it appropriate to say well said?

    Well-said definition A comment expressing approval; an accolade; “that was spoken well” (clearly or eloquently.)

    Is it correct to say well said?

    What means well said?

    Interjection. well said. A comment expressing approval; an accolade; “that was spoken well” (clearly or eloquently.)

    What are the words to express happiness?


    • beatitude,
    • blessedness,
    • bliss,
    • blissfulness,
    • felicity,
    • gladness,
    • joy,
    • warm fuzzies.

    What does the name happily mean?

    What does the name Everly mean? SHARE. An Old English name that means “from the boar meadow” or “grazing meadow ,” this is a pretty good name for a child who will tear through your house like a boar and eat you out of house and home.

    Is happily a preposition?

    Prepositions can form phrases with adjectives to enhance action, emotion or the thing the adjective is describing. Like verbs and nouns, adjectives can be followed by to, about, in, for, with, at, and by. Below are some prepositions with adjectives in bold for easy identification. Claire is happily married to.

    Is happily a noun?

    What is the noun for happily? (uncountable) The emotion of being happy; joy. (archaic, uncountable) prosperity, thriving, wellbeing. (archaic, uncountable) Good luck; good fortune. (obsolete, countable) Fortuitous elegance; unstudied grace; — used especially of language.

    Is happily a verb?

    happy. (intransitive) Often followed by up: to become happy; to brighten up, to cheer up. (transitive) Often followed by up: to make happy; to brighten, to cheer, to enliven. happify. To make happy. Examples: “Now, Ladies, all we would do is to do all in our power, both individually and collectively, to harmonize and happify our Social system.”.