What is Api Life Var?

ApiLife Var is a very popular and effective treatment for tackling the Varrora pest in your beehive. ApiLife Var contains essential oils (Thymol, Eucalyptus Oil, Menthol and Camphor) and is the organic solution for treatment against Varroasis in bees (Varroa Destructor) and tracheal mite.

How effective is HopGuard?

HopGuard can be safe and very effective when used in bee packages as studies have shown a 95% efficacy.

Who makes Apivar?

4) Formulated by beekeeping experts for beekeepers 5) Véto-pharma controls the entire Apivar production chain from the supply of primary materials to release on the market.

What is the chemical in Apivar?

Apivar is a widely used acaricide (a pesticide that kills mites and ticks) used to control Varroa. The active ingredient of Apivar 1 is amitraz, a synthetic chemical discovered and developed almost 50 years ago.

What happens if you leave Apivar in too long?

If you leave the strips in too long every time you treat, over and over again, the low level exposure might result in mites that are resistant to that miticide.

How do you use Apiguard for bees?

Apiguard is extremely easy to use: Place the opened tray face upwards in the top of brood frames, preferably centred over the colony. After 10 days examine the tray and if it is almost empty, replace with a second tray. If there is product left in the tray after 10 days leave until day 14 and then replace.

Can you eat honey after mite treatment?

The only catch is that you shouldn’t use it if it’s still above 80F in the daytime and you still cannot consume the honey or beeswax that was on the hive during the treatment. If it’s Fall and you need to treat, but don’t want to remove honey supers, the best way to get rid of mites is with oxalic acid.

Can I use HopGuard with honey supers on?

We’re legally stuck with only two treatments approved for use when honey supers are on the hive. Both of those treatments — Hopguard and formic acid — require heavy lifting if to be applied after the honey supers are in place, and Hopguard 3 would require multiple treatments.