What is autoload in Ruby?

Ruby has an in-built module autoload, which comes into action whenever a specific module or a class is accessed or called upon from the parent or calling class or module. Upon receiving a call, this module registers the corresponding file path to the called module.

How does autoload work in Rails?

Rails automatically reloads classes and modules if application files in the autoload paths change. More precisely, if the web server is running and application files have been modified, Rails unloads all autoloaded constants managed by the main autoloader just before the next request is processed.

What is config Eager_load?

config. eager_load when true, eager loads all registered config. eager_load_namespaces . This includes your application, engines, Rails frameworks and any other registered namespace.

How do I use a module in Ruby?

Modules are defined as a class, but with the module keyword not with class keyword….

  1. To define module method user have to prefix the name of the module with the method name while defining the method.
  2. A user can access the value of a module constant by using the double colon operator(::) as shown in the above example.

What are Initializers in rails?

An initializer is any file of ruby code stored under /config/initializers in your application. You can use initializers to hold configuration settings that should be made after all of the frameworks and plugins are loaded.

What is a Rails engine?

1 What are Engines? Engines can be considered miniature applications that provide functionality to their host applications. A Rails application is actually just a “supercharged” engine, with the Rails::Application class inheriting a lot of its behavior from Rails::Engine .

What is the use of lib folder in Rails?

In Rails’s directory structure as far back as I can recall, there’s always been a lib folder. This folder is for files that don’t belong in the app folder (not controllers, helpers, mailers, models, observers or views), such as modules that are included into other areas of the application.

What is a Railtie?

Rails::Railtie is the core of the Rails framework and provides several hooks to extend Rails and/or modify the initialization process. Every major component of Rails (Action Mailer, Action Controller, Active Record, etc.) implements a railtie. Each of them is responsible for their own initialization.

What are Initializers in Rails?

What is the difference between a module and a class?

What is the difference between a class and a module? Modules are collections of methods and constants. They cannot generate instances. Classes may generate instances (objects), and have per-instance state (instance variables).

How do you call a module in Ruby?

As with class methods, you call a module method by preceding its name with the module’s name and a period, and you reference a constant using the module name and two colons.

What is initialize method in Ruby?

The initialize method is part of the object-creation process in Ruby and it allows us to set the initial values for an object. Below are some points about Initialize : We can define default argument. It will always return a new object so return keyword is not used inside initialize method.