What is BDC recording in SAP?

Here are the simple steps to create a BDC in SAP which records a standard transaction and then uses the BDC recording to build an ABAP report that automates data processing and input. Step 1. Execute SAP transaction recorder, transaction SHDB or recording button via transaction SM35.

How do you write a BDC program in SAP?

Writing BDC program

  1. Analyze the transaction(s) to process batch input data.
  2. Decide on the batch input method to use.
  3. Read data from a sequential file.
  4. Perform data conversion or error checking.
  5. Storing the data in the batch input structure,BDCDATA.

Which transaction code is used to create a BDC recording?

SAP Bdc Recording Transaction Codes

# TCODE Description
1 SHDB Batch Input Transaction Recorder
2 SM35 Batch Input Monitoring
3 MM01 Create Material &
4 XK01 Create Vendor (Centrally)

Where can I find BDC in SAP?

go to se37 & specify as BDC_INSERT & use where-used-list & it will display all the programs where all this is used….also goto SE11 and specify BDCMSGCOLL and use where-used-list to list display all programs from which sort the Z* programs.

Which is better BDC or BAPI?

BAPI is used only when it is available for the particular transaction like Delivery Sales order. but BDC can be used for any transaction which have screen and fields. BAPI is directly updated the database instead BDC run through the screen flow.

What is BDC in SAP with example?

BDC (Batch Data Conversion) is an automated procedure for transferring large volumes of external or legacy data into the SAP system using batch input programming and is similar to LSMW. There are three ways to do this: Call Transaction Method. Session Method. Direct Input Method.

How do I record a BDC session in SAP?

Recording a BDC Session (SHDB)

  1. Enter /nshdb in the command field and click Enter.
  2. In the Recording menu, select Create.
  3. In the Recording field, enter a name for the recording file.
  4. In the Transaction code field, enter a transaction code and click Enter.
  5. Enter the vendor identifier in the Vendor field.