What is BU best known for?

What is Boston University known for?

  • Introduction.
  • 300 different programs!
  • Law school, Medicine, and Economics.
  • Devotion to research.
  • Academic cradle of Martin Luther King.
  • Generosity.
  • Excellent location and campus.
  • Excellent student-faculty ratio.

Is Temple University a Tier 1 school?

The Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education recognized Temple as an R1, or “Doctoral: Highest research activity,” – a designation that puts the Philadelphia school among the top tier of research universities in the United States.

Should I go to BU or BC?

BU is larger and has a wider variety of programs, has a medical school, and is probably known for its science and engineering. BC has an excellent nursing school, and BU does not offer that major. BU is more urban, and BC more suburban. (Despite its name, BC is mostly in the suburb of Newton.)

Is Boston College really religious?

From a personal faith perspective. Yes, it is a Catholic school so there are administrative issues that are governed by the Catholic practices. But not as a matter of day to day personal beliefs at all. BC also has a real commitment to service that is part of culture and to the core curriculum.

What are Boston College students like?

Boston College students are the kind of students who know how to study hard and play hard. They are fairly wealthy, social, academically focused, competitive, and involved. Eager to learn but not as friendly as they could be. They are enthusiastic, optomistic, and always up for a good time.

Is Boston University worth the cost?

Boston University is not worth the price if you will be going into debt. If you get stuck into a job you hate, you will find it really hard to leave it with that amount of debt. You will not be able to take chances and risks because the debt will always be there. If you will not have that much debt, then BU is amazing.

Does Boston College give scholarships?

Boston College is committed to meeting the full demonstrated need of every admitted student, and therefore we offer a limited number of merit scholarships. In fact, the Presidential Scholarship is our only academic merit-based scholarship, covering full tuition for 15 qualified applicants each year.

Is Boston University a party school?

If you are not willing to put in the time and effort, BU isn’t the best school for you. You cannot expect to party every night and do well, BU is a academically challenging school. BU campus is large and spread out, which lacks a common area for masses to socialize.

How far is Boston College from the city?

approximately six miles

How many essays does Boston University require?


What is the tuition at Boston College?

57,910 USD (2019 – 20)

Does Boston College require an interview?

BC does not offer interviews as part of its admissions process, and while its adcom encourages students to visit the school, you should only do so to better educate yourself on its vibe, mission, and grounds—in other words, to see firsthand if it is a good fit for you.

Does Boston University have a writing supplement?

Boston University’s supplemental essay prompt might be a little basic, but the university is anything but. To find out why and get some key phrases that you can use to make your essays amazing, read its strategic plan.