What is Charmcaster real name?

When Spellbinder was resurrected, he revealed that Charmcaster’s real name is Hope.

What race is Charmcaster?


Species Human
Age 15 (Ben 10) 20 (Alien Force) 21 (Ultimate Alien)
Affiliations Negative Ten (formerly) Hex Zombozo’s Crew (formerly) Ben’s Team (Where the Magic Happens; formerly) Michael Morningstar (Couples Retreat; formerly)

Is Gwen a Charmcaster?

Charmcaster, also known as Hope or Heather, is a major antagonist in the Ben 10 series. She is a nemesis of Gwen. In the original continuity of the franchise, she was the niece and apprentice of Hex. Like her paternal uncle, she depends on magic to fight.

Who plays Charmcaster?

Kari WahlgrenCharmcaster / Played byKari Wahlgren is an American actress who has provided English-language voices for animated movies, TV series, and video games. Wikipedia

Who is Charmcasters father?

Spellbinder was a powerful sorcerer from Legerdomain and the father of Charmcaster.

Is Charmcaster anti hero?

Charmcaster is one of the main antagonists of the “Ben 10” franchise. She is the rival of Gwen Tennyson and her current arch-nemesis. While Charmcaster is mostly a villain, she became a full on anti-hero in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, when she decided to team up with Gwen.

Who is Charmcaster boyfriend?


Hope (Charmcaster)
Relatives Spellbinder (father) Hex (uncle)
Relationships Michael Morningstar (ex-boyfriend)
Alternate Counterparts Charmcaster (Prime Timeline; Time Heals Future) Charmcaster (Vilgax Attacks Timeline) Charmcaster (The Rise of Hex Timeline)

Who is stronger Gwen or Charmcaster?

Gwen is more powerful overall.

Do Gwen and Charmcaster become friends?

However, Hex says in “Charm School” that there is still good in her, and at the end of “Third Time’s a Charm”, Charmcaster is trapped inside her own bag and kept by Gwen in her room, with Gwen saying that she knows she and Charmcaster can become friends under these circumstances.