What is chuck the freaks real name?

Charles Urquhart
Dave (whose full name is Dave Hunter) and Chuck ‘The Freak’ (whose real name is Charles Urquhart) left their stint at 89X in November.

How tall is Chuck the Freak?

6 foot 5!
– as described by Chuck, Lisa and James Here are the things Dave would want you to know about him: He’s tall – 6 foot 5! He’s European but he was kicked out of Ireland because he can’t handle his liquor. He used to work at a theme park and dress up as cartoon character.

Where is Dave Hunter Dave and Chuck the Freak?

Dave and Chuck “The Freak” is the name of self-titled radio morning show that broadcasts on weekdays from 5am to 10am on CIMX-FM (89X) in Windsor, Ontario. The show is hosted by David Hunter, Charles (Chuck “The Freak”) Erkhart, and Lisa Way.

How long have Dave and Chuck the Freak been together?

Dave Hunter and Charles Urquhart (along with show member Lisa Way) began working together in April of 2001 on Windsor, Canada’s 89X (CIMX 88.7 FM) until November of 2012. The show officially debuted on the WRIF-FM airwaves in May of 2013.

How old is Dave Hunter?

64 years (January 1, 1958)Dave Hunter / Age

When did Andy Green join Dave and Chuck the Freak?

Dave and Chuck the Freak next moved to WRIF-FM starting in May, 2013. The show has since added co-host Andy Green, producer James Campbell and video editor Jason Watson.

Why does Rebecca leave Chuck?

He did get over the loss, however, and grew to resent his father, a dynamic that troubled Chuck and made him blame Jimmy for their father’s death. This kind of tragic past could have affected Chuck and Jimmy well into their adulthood, and may have impacted Chuck’s treatment of Rebecca, causing her to leave.

Why did Rebecca leave Chuck Mcgill?

Rebecca is unable to understand Chuck’s erratic behavior and departs in a taxi after he knocks her phone from her hand, refusing Jimmy’s offer of a ride.

Who did Chuck leave his money to?

Chuck leaves most of his estate to his ex-wife, with only a $5,000 bequest to Jimmy, which is just enough to prevent him from contesting the will. When Kim picks up Jimmy’s inheritance check, Howard gives her a letter Chuck wrote to Jimmy. Kim eventually gives it to Jimmy, who reads it in her presence.

Was McGill married before?

In the early 1990s, Jimmy divorced his first wife when she cheated on him with a guy named Chet, who happened to owe Jimmy money.