What is colonial erasure?

Used to reference the fact that through colonial violence (cultural as well as physical), assimilation policies and mainstream misattribution, cultures are removed from the record.

Who lived on this land before it was colonized?

Prior to the arrival of Europeans, the Native Americans lived as autonomous nations (also known as tribes) across the continent from present-day Alaska, across Canada, and throughout the lower 48 United States.

How did Europeans steal land?

In the early colonial period, there were sometimes treaties entered into or token payments made for use or purchase of Native People’s land. But predominantly, outright theft, enforced by violence, was the method of colonial land control.

What is historical erasure?

the exclusion of a minority group or group member from the historical record, or from the discussion of current events:erasure of female scientists from textbooks; black victim erasure in the crime-bill debate.

What is the meaning of cultural erasure?

Cultural erasure consists of forcing minorities to adopt Western culture and attire, to speak the English language, to convert to Christianity, to stop using their birth names, and so on.

What was America called before it was colonized?

Before that time, there was no name that collectively identified the Western Hemisphere. The earlier Spanish explorers referred to the area as the Indies believing, as did Columbus, that it was a part of eastern Asia.

How did natives live before European contact?

Indian housing typically consisted of lodges made of bark or thatch, at times raised off the ground. Some Indians, including the Cherokee, also built earthen winter homes without windows. Homes were furnished with straw or cane mats, pottery, basketry, and wooden utensils.

How did the natives lose their land?

Within a few decades, the Supreme Court made rulings stripping Native American nations of their rights — including the right to be treated as foreign nations of equal sovereignty. In 1830, US Congress passed the Indian Removal Act, forcing many indigenous peoples east of the Mississippi from their lands.

How did the First Nations lose their land?

With the Amerindians’ loss of their land came the loss of their former fishing, hunting and gathering grounds. They received in exchange land that became known as Indian reserves.

What wiped out the Native American population?

When the Europeans arrived, carrying germs which thrived in dense, semi-urban populations, the indigenous people of the Americas were effectively doomed. They had never experienced smallpox, measles or flu before, and the viruses tore through the continent, killing an estimated 90% of Native Americans.

What is the European Union Settlement Scheme?

The European Union Settlement Scheme is a scheme launched in 2019 by the Home Office to process the registration of EU citizens resident in the United Kingdom prior to its departure from the European Union .

What was the first European settlement with permanent buildings?

The Mesolithic era site Lepenski Vir in modern-day Serbia, the earliest documented sedentary community of Europe with permanent buildings as well as monumental art precedes sites previously considered to be the oldest known by many centuries.

What happens if you get pre settled status in the UK?

If you get pre-settled status, any children born in the UK will be eligible for pre-settled status. They will only be a British citizen if they qualify for it through their other parent. You can switch to settled status as soon as you’ve had 5 years’ continuous residence, or sooner if you’re eligible before 5 years.

Who can apply for the EU Settlement Scheme after Brexit?

If you’re an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen, you and your family can apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to continue living in the UK after 30 June 2021.