What is curtailment of reinforcement in slab?

Curtailment – is the reduction of mesh reinforcement in concrete slabs, so that it only covers the area in which it is required. Common in fibre reinforced slabs.

Why reinforcement is curtailed near the supports?

To economize the design of a flexural member, the tensile bars are curtailed at the section beyond which it is no longer required to resist flexure(bending) given that the remaining reinforcement of the flexural member will be able to resist the bending moment and shear created on the flexural member safely.

How do you determine the curtailment of a bar?

For curtailment, reinforcement shall extend beyond the point at which it is no longer required to resist flexure for a distance equal to the effective depth of the member or 12 × bar diameter, whichever is greater except at simple support or end of the cantilever.

What is L 4 civil engineering?

Extra Bars:- The extra bar is provided at the bottom of Cranked bars to maintain the framework of the slab. The length of Extra bar is L/4.

What is curtailed reinforcement?

Curtailment is the way of reducing the area of reinforcement where the bending moment is minimum or zero for the purpose of achieving and economic design.

What is Anchorage length?

Anchorage length is the equivalent length of the reinforcement bar which is considered to be available when a straight bar is bent through some angle. It is provided only at the support. Anchorage length is provided if sufficient development length cannot be provided inside the support.

What is lapping zone?

LAPPING ZONE If the length of the column is L, then the length L / 4 from the top and bottom of the column is classified as tension A-zone and the central length L / 2 of the column (B-Zone) is considered a safe area for the purpose of lapping.

What is the principle of curtailment?

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What is a curtailment charge?

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What is splice length?

The lap splice length is the length two rebar pieces must overlap and be tied together to create a bond as if there was no break and the run is “continuous”. So simply put, development is rebar to concrete, splice is rebar to rebar. The lengths of both splice and development do vary.

What is bar splicing?

The method used to join the reinforcement bars, so that the force is transferred effectively from one bar to the other is called splicing. Force is first transferred to the concrete through a bond from one bar and then it is transferred to the other bar forming the splice through the bond between it and concrete.

The extra part that is removed from the reinforcement which forms the curtailed reinforcement. The curtailed bars in flexural members are extended for a distance equal to 12 times the diameter of the reinforcement bar or effective depth, whichever is greater, except at simple support or free end of the cantilever.

What is a reinforcement schedule?

A reinforcement schedule is a rule stating which instances of behavior, if any, will be reinforced. Reinforcement schedules can be divided into two broad categories: continuous schedules and partial schedules (also called intermittent schedules).

What is the most efficient type of reinforcement schedule?

Among the reinforcement schedules, variable ratio is the most productive and the most resistant to extinction. Fixed interval is the least productive and the easiest to extinguish (Figure 1). Figure 1. The four reinforcement schedules yield different response patterns.

What is curtailment of reinforcement in RCC beams?

Fig.1: Curtailment of Reinforcement in RCC Beams Curtailment of Reinforcement Bars in Slabs The bars that is curtailed in reinforced concrete slabs have to be fixed and anchored past the point where it is supported. The shear force and bending moment is initially calculated to determine the point where the curtailment has to be done.