What is duo prop?

The duoprop propellers are designed to form a vital part of the driveline, providing highly efficient and predictable handling, together with excellent onboard comfort and fuel efficiency.

Is dual prop better?

While cornering at speed, dual-prop drives also tend to maintain a better grip than single props as a result of less aeration during hard turns.

What is Volvo DP?

In 1982 Volvo introduced the Duoprop. It was the biggest event in boating since the propeller was invented. Twin counter rotating propellers bite hard to produce unparalleled thrust, straight and true tracking even in reverse with faster acceleration to plane.

How do contra rotating propellers work?

In a counter-rotating installation, the propellers on the right wing turn counter-clockwise while those on the left wing turn clockwise. The principle advantage of counter-rotation is to balance propeller torque effects thus eliminating any problems associated with a Critical Engine.

How do I know what Volvo Penta outdrive I have?

Information Decals The information decal is usually located on the engine cover or other flat surface that is easy to see. It lists the identification numbers for the engine and also for the drive unit or reverse gear. The appearance may vary depending on the engine model and year of production.

What is the advantage of a double prop?

When maneuvering at low speeds, dual props improve thrust and handling in reverse because the boat is never backing or steering away from the bite of the prop blades. This can make it easier to control the boat around the dock.

What is a forward drive boat?

A “forward drive” is a form of marine propulsion that leverages forward-facing counter-rotating props to pull the boat through water rather than pushing it, with an undisturbed water flow to the propellers.

Can I get dynamic position on my IPS?

Brief Summary. This system is available on Diesel IPS systems only. The Dynamic Positioning System is controlled by software that integrates with Volvo Penta’s electronic platform, EVC. In effect, it holds your boat stationary at a point on the water through GPS coordination with the IPS system.

What is Volvo Penta DPS?

DPS, launched in 2009, is part of Volvo Penta’s Inboard Performance System. A new repositioning feature enables the boat to move three meters with each tap of the joystick. It also allows for heading adjustments on the spot.