What is Fail Safe 1964 about?

During the Cold War, U.S. bomber jets are equipped with fail-safe boxes that instruct pilots when and if to attack. When an attack order is inadvertently administered due to a system malfunction, the President of the United States (Henry Fonda) must scramble to fix the mistake before the bombs are dropped on Moscow. He manages to stop almost all the bombers headed for Moscow, except for one determined pilot who manages to complete his mission, with deadly consequences.Fail-Safe / Film synopsis

Is fail safe a good movie?

A Great Film! I have watched “Fail-Safe” more than once and consider it to be a classic film which shows the anxiety and fear which we faced with the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. The cast is top notch, Dan O’Herlihy, Henr Fonda, Frank Overton, Walter Matthau, and all the other fine performers.

What is the message in fail safe?

Fail Safe explores some of the problems inherent in automatic defensive systems. It suggests that nuclear war could be triggered not by rogue generals but by a technical glitch and procedures that remove control from human hands.

What happened in fail safe?

Fail Safe revolves around the inability of the United States to recall a squadron of nuclear-armed bombers inadvertently ordered to attack Moscow. The U.S. president (played by Henry Fonda) desperately tries to convince the Soviets that the attack is a mistake.

Is fail-safe realistic?

Fail Safe is too absurd to be realistic, and too simple minded to be a commentary on world politics. Its only traces of realism are recognizable titles and place names, like President, 20 megaton bomb, and Moscow. The story would have lost all its impact if a fictitious city instead of New York had been destroyed.

What cities were bombed in the film failsafe?

The film follows a crisis caused by a critical error that sends a group of U.S. bombers to destroy Moscow, and the ensuing attempts to stop the bomber group before it can deploy a nuclear first strike.

How realistic is fail safe?

Which came first fail safe or Dr Strangelove?

Strangelove opened in December 1963, while Fail-Safe hit the screens in October 1964. Dr. Strangelove was a box-office smash, and Fail-Safe, appearing to be a gloomy rehash, was a relative box-office failure. Fail-Safe stars Henry Fonda as the president, who must decide what action to take to avert nuclear warfare.

Was fail-safe real?

Fail Safe is based on a bestselling 1962 novel of the same name by Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler, which had been serialized during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the Saturday Evening Post. It was fiction, not journalism, but that made it no less terrifying.

Is fail safe realistic?

Who was the translator in fail safe?

Noah Wyle
Stephen Frears directed a cast including Richard Dreyfuss as the President, Noah Wyle as his translator, Brian Dennehy, Sam Elliott, James Cromwell, Hank Azaria, Norman Lloyd, Don Cheadle, Clooney and Harvey Keitel.

Who was the translator in Fail-Safe?