What is Fatmap app?

Fatmap is a 3D ski mapping app, providing you with high resolution satellite imagery and the ability to plan your routes smarter, safer and with confidence. With technology constantly developing for the better, this app reinvents the way ski enthusiasts interact and explore the slopes and it’s pretty awesome.

Can you use Fatmap offline?

With unlimited offline access, you can download any part of the world to your phone so you can find your way no matter what happens.

How do I use the Fatmap app?

The Navigate Button

  1. Select a route or an adventure in the FATMAP app.
  2. Swipe up to open the Route Details page.
  3. Tap the Start button to enter the Navigation mode.
  4. You will see that your current location is visible on the map as a red dot with a ‘fan’ showing the direction you are facing.

What is a trail map called?

Topographic maps are used by hikers and backpackers to plan routes, estimate travel times, find water, good campsites, and track their progress on hikes. They’re designed to depict the three dimensional shape of the world (mountains, valleys, plains, etc.)

Is FATMAP app free?

(Access to FATMAP Explore requires a paid membership.) FATMAP Explore is available as a 12-month subscription. You can subscribe and pay through your iTunes account.

Who started FATMAP?

Misha Gopaul
With the mobile app, not only can you instantly locate yourself in 3D anywhere in world but you can also do in even the most remote locations on earth with global offline access. FATMAP Founder, Misha Gopaul, hunting first descents in Greenland.

How do I download a route in Fatmap?

How to download GPX files on the FATMAP website

  1. Head to www.fatmap.com and make sure you are logged in.
  2. Find the route you want to download and select it.
  3. Click on the Export GPX button on the top left-hand side of the screen (see screenshot below)

How do I navigate with FATMAP?

In the FATMAP app, once you have enabled location permissions, you will be able to navigate by tapping the navigation button on the map screen – a red circle icon on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. This is both a location marker and digital compass.

What is FATMAP explore?

FATMAP Explore is our adventure membership club giving you all the premium digital tools on both the app and web platforms, exclusive partner benefits and the chance to contribute towards sustainability projects.

What are hiking maps?

The most commonly used trail maps are topographic maps, often referred to as topo maps. These maps show detailed information about a region’s geographical features. Topo maps can point out places of interest and provide hikers with insights on what to expect.