What is flexible pipe connection?

Flexible pipe connectors shall be used on all piping connected to rotating equipment to reduce the transmission of noise and vibration, and to eliminate stresses in piping systems due to misalignment and thermal movement of the piping.

Why flexible hoses are used?

Flexible hoses are used to transfer a wide range of fluids including gaseous fluids, such as air, steam and gases, and liquids, such as water, oils and chemicals. The hoses function for reciprocation of piping systems, absorption of thermal expansion and vibration and centering of piping.

What are the three types of flexible hose?

Stainless Flexible Hoses (ss flex hose) can be categorized into 3 main pitch types in conformity with their intended uses: Wide, Standard and Closed (Compressed).

What are the types of flexible hose?

Three categories are:

  • Tube Only PTFE Convoluted Hose: It works exactly as its name suggests.
  • Polymer braided: It is covered with a layer of orange polypropylene monofilaments.
  • Stainless steel PTFE convoluted hose: It is covered with a tough layer of stainless-steel.

How long do flex pipes last?

Your flex pipe should last 200,000 miles. If you’re in the Mid-West where salt is used heavily on the roads, or near the ocean, you could be replacing your flexpipe and/or entire exhaust within 5 years of owning the car.

What are the different types of connections in steel structures?

Connections are classified as axial, shear (semi-rigid), or moment (rigid) connections based on the primary load that the connection is to carry….Internal forces the connections are expected to transmit

  • Moment Connections.
  • Shear Connections.
  • Axial Connections.

What are the various types of connections used for connecting the structural members?

Various types of beam connections are provided below:

  • Bolted framed connections.
  • Bolted seated connections.
  • Welded framed connections.
  • Welded seat connections.
  • End plate connections.
  • Special connections.
  • Simple, rigid and semi-rigid connections.