What is GM Global Connect?

GM’s new portal In their place will be GM GlobalConnect. This new Web portal is designed to be a one-stop shop for dealers. It has all the software needed to do business with GM, such as ordering vehicles, submitting warranty claims and reporting deliveries.

How do I get my GMIN?

To locate your GMIN: 1. Logon to GM Training using your Person ID and password 2. On the Home page your GMIN appears under your name after your Person ID.

What is GM earnPOWER?

With earnPOWER Rewards, you will be able to transfer your points to a GM Mark of Excellence Visa® Prepaid Card* or transfer funds to a personal bank account via ACH. Applicable fees and terms and conditions can be found in the Cardholder Agreement and at gmearnpower.com.

Which 4 of the following are integrated into techline connect?

The Techline Connect application has a single sign-on for access to nine applications, seamlessly integrating Service Informa- tion (SI), a scan tool (GDS2), the Service Programming System (SPS), and other applications with vehicle-specific information.

How do you get a GM Mark of Excellence?

For a dealer to be considered for the GM Mark of Excellence Award they must have achieved a year over year sales increase and excellent reviews from customer satisfaction surveys for vehicle purchases and service department visits to qualify for this esteemed award.GM awarded the prestigious honor to Chevrolet of …

What is earn power?

What Is Earnings Power? Earnings power is a figure that telegraphs a business’s ability to generate profits over the long haul, assuming all current operational conditions generally remain constant.

How do you use techline?

Start by connecting the MDI to the vehicle, and then select the Select Device option in the Techline Connect tool bar, which will prompt an MDI connection — either USB, point-to-point or wireless. Once connected to the vehicle, Techline Connect will automatically retrieve the VIN and start a vehicle connection session.

How do you make a techline connect account?

Log in to the TIS2Web main page using your GlobalConnect ID and password. Select the Techline Connect icon….To launch the app:

  1. Click the icon to launch Techine Connect.
  2. Connect the MDI/VCI and establish the device connection.
  3. With the MDI/VCI connected to the vehicle, select MDI from the MDI Explorer when prompted.

What are GM keys for?

Newer GM vehicle models are utilizing the transponder key or keyless entry remote systems in their vehicles to add protection for both you and your vehicle.

What is GM Mark of Excellence?

General Motors’ “Mark of Excellence” is an award given by GM to dealerships for superior sales volume and customer satisfaction. The Mark of Excellence award symbolizes the very pinnacle of success for Buick, GMC, Cadillac, and Chevrolet dealers.

How do I get a techline connect account?

Getting Started Techline Connect can be installed on a new PC as well as one that already uses TIS2Web and GDS 2. To get started: Log in to the TIS2Web main page using your GlobalConnect ID and password. Select the Techline Connect icon.